I got the creeping crud respiratory thing a week ago. Its been going around and it’s not flu per se, it’s just a persistent cough which keeps you up and drains you. Like everyone else I took standard drugs and pretty much lived on Tylenol PM and AM to keep me upright. Combined with the product launch and subsequent triage it was a total disaster. Like any good mage, I wasn’t going to let it kill me and went for a multifaceted approach to trying to combat things.

I wear a mjolnir around my neck to remind me we’re not exactly in the Christian camp and because we can trace the family roots back to viking times. Plus it’s just metal as fuck. But, the magical reason for it is because the lanyard is leather and the material it’s made out of is brass. Aside of being cool, these materials have conduction abilities also. Copper is the stuff of wires and works as a battery, and the leather cord works as wires to things made of meat! (That would be you and me). In short, it makes for a perfect device to carry a magical charge in an unobtrusive way. Since I was feeling crappy, I decided I was going to break out the sowilo rune (pictured). Sowilo represents solar forces, so not only all the good stuff like staying warm when you’ve got chills, it also represents good health and more importantly victory. What is fighting a cold except a want of victory over the illness and the sun brings warmth to the cold? In addition to that, the copper necklace is also similar to gold, so it’s well suited to this charge.

A quick word on rune choice and the favors of the planets: The moon was waxing. I would have tried to choose a planetary hour and day but frankly I was dead on my feet and it was less of a magical working and much more of a prayer. Had the moon been waning, I would have chosen Isa or Hagalaz. Waxing is drawing into life, waning is banishing from your life. While it might seem silly, I try to magic according to moon phase, day, and hour in that order from most important to least. Accordingly, you can invoke wealth or banish debt. In my case I was trying to invoke health, and I would have paid attention to the day and hour if I was functional enough to actually know the date or time. This would work equally well with Hebrew glyphs where nun represents a fish (life) and sin represents a sickness or straying, however, the runesters typically only observed the moon and cardinality at most, but most certainly the moon. For people wondering what direction to face, north is the typical direction to face for spiritual matters. I don’t personally feel it makes a difference.

The charging was mixed up a bit, I did a hasty consecration of the candle and dedicated it to the purpose of magic and named it Sowilo (“soh-willow”) while charging it in my hand and laying my other hand on the fire and ice of creation, the well, and the tree. Or rather just croaked it out. Then I pulled the thurible forward and lit the candle on that. I then took the runestone and touched it to the fire and ice, the well, and the tree and finally kissed it and waved it through the flame to charge it with my will but also connect it to the fire representing my will from the candle. I then stood it in front of the flame. I took my necklace and again touched it to the creation, the spiritual, and the manifest (very Jason Miller) and tried to make it as receptive as possible.

Now, I like to lay the loop around the candle. Just as the pentagrams represent the forces in the universe, a pentagram in a circle represents the containment of those forces. By the same token, laying the cord around the candle and rune represents the containment of those forces down the leather wire and into the copper battery I want to hold those forces into. I gave thanks, made sure it was emanating healing energy on the astral, and passed out. The healing energy alone was actually quite nice, when I looked over that way I physically felt better.

Next morning I felt better. Not 100%, but better. Part of it may have been the occult soup I had my wife make (that’s another post, recipe courtesy Alaric Albertsson) but I’m sure the working itself helped. I now had a talisman which imparted healing powers.

No good working goes unpunished, right? We put the practical in practical magic here, clearly.

It worked really well when I was grabbing it. My dumb self usually wears it over my undershirt but under my shirt. When I started to feel like I was going to hack up a lung, I’d grab it and feel better almost immediately. Had I not been foggy from the Tylenol, I might have actually thought of putting it under all my clothes to touch my skin. It didn’t occur to me. However I would judge it a success because when I could find the presence of mind to grab it, the chills and coughing stopped. Lesson learned: law of contagion is the law

When I plan on reassigning it, I’ll wash it in a running stream and hold it in the hand drawing the banishing pentagrams. Until then, I have a wonderful talisman to keep me on my feet. I still grab it when I don’t feel tops and it’s working nicely a week later.