My wife approached me and asked if she could borrow a spirit. I don’t keep familiar spirits (although the idea has apprehended me on a few occasions) but I am familiar with some spirits. Mostly tequila.

“What for, I asked?”

“Well I have some questions I would like to posit to a spirit and I wanted to know if I could use Agares.”

Ah, Agares.

Me and Agares have a fun relationship, he was the first demon I managed to evoke and tipped me off my daughter was supposed to be born several days early. He also acts as my intermediary spirit for contacting other (goetic) spirits. The initial contact was DuQuette’s “on the same thought” method of scrying where the thought has the answer on the same thought has the question. It’s really hard to describe but it’s as though a sentence is interrupted by an external voice with the answer. This is the “open handed” scrying technique, but it’s also the hardest one to use. I figured out quickly that burning quite a bit of incense relevant to the spirit with a candle behind it and the seal behind that produces much better results where the incense provides sort of a 3D chalkboard for the spirit to work with. Unfortunately this is much less conversational and much more syncretic where one person may perceive one thing and another person may perceive another, or even nothing at all. It is, however, better in a group setting where two people have something to look at rather than one person being in the groove and having all the fun. Traditionally, this also jives where one person is an orator and one person is a scryer. One of the questions which came up was “How do I learn to do this?” and the finger was pointed to me. Clearly the proper technique was to have my wife as a scryer and me be both the orator and observer to try to both collaborate our impressions and teach her solomonic evocation.

While Agares knew pedantic answers “like when will my kid be born” and “where did the TV remote go”, I tend to think it’s within the realm of the goetic to work in a practical, if not completely lazy way. They get things done, they get things done as quickly as possible while being as lazy as possible. Need $4000? Set your house on fire! For higher workings which require finesse and planning I tend to try to talk to Angels and Planetary Intelligences. That being said the smoke was doing it’s best to answer my wife’s questions, but they tended to be overly broad. Eventually I figured out the smoke was emulating hand gestures for “I don’t know”, “frustrated”, “more of this”, or “some of that”. My impression, weirdly enough, was like Cake Boss. Agares was talking with his hands for a good portion of this, and sometimes would put up an image. A fox, a bird, a smiling face, a human heart, a finger to point to indicate this or that. The problem was for every short and to the point question, it would usually be the result of a broad question which resulted in two swirls of smoke rising in a gesture of “I don’t know”.

About the only time we got a serious answer was the question about what the spirit wanted as an offering for this working, I clearly got “beer” and we distinctly saw a pumpkin rising in the smoke. Agares wanted my last Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale.

What are the offices of the spirit?

The second spirit is a Duke called Agares, he is under ye power of ye East and cometh up in the form of a fair Old man riding upon a Crocodill, very mildly, carrying a goshawke on his fist. he maketh them runne that stand still, and fetcheth back ye runnawayes. he can teach all Languages or Tongues presently, he hath the power also to destroy dignities, both supernaturall & Temporall; & cause Earthquakes. he was of the order of Vertues; he hath under his government 31 Legions &c: & this is [his] seale or Character wch is to be worne as [a] Lamen.

What does this tell us about the spirit?

I tend to use hermetic ideas of equals and opposites (“as below, so above”) when I read these. He can send things away, he can fetch things for you. While it might be a bit bizarre to conduct an hour+ evocation to find the TV remote, I’m fairly confident it would turn up if we did lend ourselves to such frivolous ideas. Agares can improve communication, he can confuse communication. He can also teach you things. This is different from other spirits who afford you wisdom, but I think it would be safe to say his office is educational. He can cause earthquakes! OK he probably can’t cause earthquakes, but he can smooth transitions and relationships between forces, he can cause problems with relationships and forces. It would be appropriate then to ask him to smooth transitions and improve diplomacy. Similarly he can dignify people and undignify people in the eyes of themselves and others.

Once my wife was done her queries to the spirit, some of which he clearly knew and were in his office and some not so much, we gave the spirit the license to depart. I wasn’t through the entire license to depart before the smoke visibly retreated up the chimney and was greatly reduced. My wife noticed that the stick incense also went out immediately after the license to depart and there was an unburned portion. I poured him a beer and put it on the mantle and dunked the seal, the unburned portion of the candle in it and the leftover incense sticks. They’ll be buried in the woods shortly to return things to their natural order.