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Third magical action of last night – if you’re asking me if I’m totally drained the answer is yes. I couldn’t open my crown with a shotgun right now.

With the previous evocation going so hilariously wrong, I said to heck (hur hur) with lower spirits and decided to reach for the Enochian tables. The Enochian tables give me fairly mixed results in the past, I’m becoming much more comfortable with them now that I’ve gotten over the various props you’re advised to build. Also I found that the higher rank the spirit is in the Enochian tables, the easier it is to get ahold of it. I’m not sure if this is because they’re more conscious or they’ve got more freedom to operate or what, but the Seniors always come readily when called. The lower ranked the Angel, the harder it is to get ahold of. I haven’t even tried to play with Ave’s “unbalanced angels” yet, it just seems like a bad idea.

On the note of props and other claptrap – you don’t need them to talk to the Seniors especially once you’ve made contact with the Seniors. The Enochian angels tend to be benevolent, although they definitely have their own agenda and they definitely stick to the point. If the Goetic spirits bounce around in the sublunar world to get things done, the Enochian angels are the opposite end where they represent the raw forces themselves. Even the planetary spirits can command some larger concepts, but the Enochian angels themselves control the firmament and shape the Light as it flows through the tree. I really have no idea how to describe this, except go read everything you can about the Tree of Life and you will be scratching the surface.

Pondering time – either the Enochian angels are the connections between the spheres (an idea I don’t entirely like because the elements don’t nicely line up with the tree) or they regulate or control the Light as it enters the tree and somehow polarizes it so it flows through the tree properly. This is an idea I like much more because almost all attempts to “stitch” the tables either result in bizarrely untenable 3D shapes – sort of an interesting idea for another thread – or a pyramid. To the guy who made an “Enochian Prism” by putting the tables “around” the tree, that’s close but no cigar because a prism only works when you shine light in from the side. In typical magical fashion we’re handed the solution and we have no idea. It’s not a pyramid with a truncated top – it’s a funnel into the tree.

Enochian is really fertile ground for the experienced magician, it’s also subject to piles of new age crap.

I opened the temple with the LBRP with the Hebrew Godnames. Why not the names on the table of union? Because we have to command cleanliness with something more powerful than what we hope to evoke. I probably could have banished with EHNB but it doesn’t seem to carry the weight with me. If I were going for a specific spirit in the table, I would use the tablet of unions godnames. I had actually considered using the Air tablet and picking a Subangel of Water, but I have no working relationship with any of them (I’d have to dig out all my toys) and Angels I haven’t called before tend to take awhile to come. The Seniors I’ve all called before so they remember my authority. It also helped I had maintained rabbinical purity (no ham, no coffee or alcohol, no sex) that day.

I used my copy of Enochian Vision Magick, which I didn’t appreciate at first. I started with the book several years ago and to say I was out of my depth is an understatement. Don’t start with Enochian magic. You’ll be frustrated to heck if you can even understand what you’re doing. What is nice about it, once you get your legs, is that it’s complete, has nicely reproduced tables, nice pictures, and Lon tells you where he filled in the gaps for himself so you can pick things which work for you to get the system moving. Where it tends to fall short is where most enochian books fall short – if you don’t know what else to substitute in place of Lon’s substitutions, you’re working with his system. If it works for you, great. The meat of the book is the chapter in the back where he outlines which calls to use when. This alone will justify the price of the book. He tries to make some educated guesses about the second call but that goes with any attempt to use Enochian.

I decided to use calls 1 through 3 in that order, and I like to insert the name of the spirit into the call where I feel it’s appropriate. I also use English for the calls once I’m familiar with a spirit. For the names, I go with the pig-latin pronunciation. EXARP is then EX-A-RAP. Thankfully for the calls themselves, the phonetic pronunciation is published, and they’re incredibly beautiful.

I reign over you, sayeth the GOD OF JUSTICE, in power exalted above the firmaments of wrath: in who’s hands the SUN is as a sword and the MOON is as though a thrusting fire: who measures your garments in the midst of my vestures, and trussed you together in the palms of my hands: who’s seats I garnished with the fire of gathering, and beautified your garments with admiration. To whom I made a law to govern the holy ones and delivered you a rod with the ark of knowledge. Moreover you lifted up your voices and swore obedience and faith to him that lie with triumph and who’s beginning is not, nor end can not be, which you shine as a flame in the midst of your palace, and reign amongst you as the balance and righteousness of truth. MOVE, therefor, AND SHOW YOURSELVES: open the mysteries of your creation. Be friendly unto me for I am the servant of the same – your GOD – and true worshipper of the Highest.

I got most of the way through the first call and felt the hairs stand on my arms. Soonafter there was a wind in the room my wife did not perceive. It definitely blew in from my left, as she was seated on my right, and I felt it distinctly. From past experience, the first call should give you the impression of the Angel you’re evoking.

Can the wings of the winds understand your voices of wonder, O you the second of the first EXARP, whom the burning flames have frames within the depths of my jaws; whom I have prepared as Cups for a Wedding, or as in the flowers in their beauty for the Chamber of Righteousness? Stronger are your feet than the barren stone, and mightier are your voices than the manifold winds. For you are become a temple such that is not, but in the mind of the All Powerful. Arise, sayeth the First: Move therefor unto his servants; Show your selves in power; And make me a strong seething; for I am of him that lives forever and ever!

At this point the feeling of wind as a raw force subsided and seemed to become contained.

BEHOLD, sayeth your God, I am the circle on who’s hands stand 12 Kingdoms. Six are the seats of the Living Breath, the rest are as sharp as the sickles and horns of Death, wherein all the creatures of the Earth are to and are not, except by my own hand by which they sleep and shall rise. In the first I made you Stewards and placed you in the 12 seats of government, giving unto every one of you power successively over the 456, the true ages of time, to the intent that from your highest Vessels and the corners of your governments you might work in my power, pouring down the fires of life and increase continually upon the Earth. Thus you are become the garments of Justice and Truth. In the Name of the same as your God, EXARP, lift up yourselves. Behold His mercies flourish and EXARP is become mighty amongst us! In whom we say: MOVE, DESCEND, apply yourselves unto us, as partakers unto the secret wisdom of Your creation.

The wind came back as ice, and I immediately sat down and closed my eyes. The angels rarely come to me as beings clothed in white or little kids with wings, but rather as a tornado (or rushing form) of whatever element is being evoked. When they do come, they show up promptly and forcefully. When I’m not doing it right, they don’t show up at all. EXARP came quickly and the connection was clear. I immediately asked EXARP to protect the five houses – ours, my parents, my wifes mother, her father, and her step father. Our house looked fine in the vision, my wife’s mothers house I saw the water come up to the porch but no further, her step fathers house looked fine, her fathers house I saw water pouring down the back but then into the drain which was OK, and my parents house weirdly enough had a pink cylinder around it. I had no idea what it meant and further questioning of EXARP simply produced, “It’s already prayed for”. A friend commented that pink is the color of resurrection, and since my parents are devout Christians, I can only assume it means they got right with Jesus before the storm showed up.

My wife wanted to know if he could turn away the storm, in standard Enochian fashion the answer was, “It must happen”.

My wife wanted to know if her mothers cats would be OK and I had a vision of her mothers house again with the water only up to the bottom of the porch.

I asked if EXARP would also dispatch an Angel to keep the water down here and I got an affirmative.

Finally my wife decided to play fast and loose and asked if EXARP could hook her up with Neptune. I immediately got the image of the flaming sword of Eden (the division) and told her the angel wasn’t impressed with her request. She said she would ask again in her minds eye, and I got the image of a saber in a scabbard being rattled. I told her to knock it off. She wanted one more question on the topic and knowing the Senior was likely to bail if she did it again, I cut her off and thanked the spirit and asked it to come quickly when called and said we put our trust in it. I closed the circle. It’s always best to end on good terms with the guys who regulate the will of the universe.

The wind, after the evocation, completely subsided. It was bizarre, it was like the eye of a hurricane where the force was palpable, but just not manifested here. I took it as a positive sign. Overnight the winds and rains picked up per usual, but now looking at the plants near the house versus the woods behind the house, it seriously looks like we’re getting less wind over here and 50 yards away in the wood things are whipping around. It’s not to say it’s dead calm here today, but I think we’re getting less of it by whatever reason. Also I haven’t heard the sump kick on. It actually was worrying me that the pump might be dead so I went down to check it, but sure enough we’ve got almost no water in the thing. I figure I’ll have to write a song to EXARP or something as thanks.

Phergoph: Ceremonial Magic Musings, and Outbursts of Song.