I attended the Rite of Mercury at the Thelesis Lodge. The Rite works on many allegorical levels, but the presentation of the invocation was fantastic. Mercury was played by a wonderful guy who seemed to really get it, he had most of the lines memorized and put a lot of effort into the costume.

The twins were well played including Gemini who dies at the end. The two things which really made it fly was the incense and the lighting. The incense, whatever it was, skipped the sandalwood which everyone is tired of and went for the storax. When it’s burned hot it tends to smell like burning plastic, but someone knew how to use it and it smelled divine, literally.

The second thing which was awesome was a laser grid. It sounds cheap and hokey but the laser grid was set to purple and played slowly. The effect was as intended, it ended up being hypnotic and really helped get into the atmosphere of the place. I think this is an important point in ritual, the original ones are mentioned with things like “Candles” and “banners” and such but there’s no reason why the subtle use of technology can’t bring a lot more to the table.

The east coast lodges are doing these and while I probably would have gone to the ones in NY and MD had I been a bit more co-ordinated, I missed out. Luna is in Massachusetts, I just don’t feel like making the drive.