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My wife really wanted to invoke a spirit. Riding high from the Mercury rite from the lodge I figured why the heck not. She wanted to pick a spirit relevant to the storms, and who’s got a stormy face but Tzadkiel?

Tzadkiel is the angel who held the dagger of Abraham. He’s the planet Jupiter. He’s got a giant raging storm on his face the size of America. He also is good for business (but in my personal system business is all who you know, so that would be Mercury). We figured he could regulate the storm and I could also ask him for business help for a friend who’s publishing a book. I grabbed my usual copy of the Modern Angelic Grimoire. While it doesn’t produce earth-shattering evocations, the seals in it are nice. I wish more periphery information was included. With planetary stuff, the more toys you have, the better. In this case I knew his number was 4, I had the kamea, and I drew out the seal. I was going to use silver sharpie (tin) but it was dried. I paged through the old standby of 777 to get the rest of the numbers and correspondences and felt good about it.

One of the more interesting things which is fun about invocations versus evocations is that the old books are almost always written for evocation. The whole invocation thing came much much later. Also I’ve found that (especially with things like the rite of mercury) that the planetary angels are subtle. Really subtle. I thought it was just the Modern Angelic Grimoire but even in the rite of mercury I doubt I would have gotten so into it without all the theater. That being said, we did the circle and the prayers and I substituted “my seer” for things like “inanimate object”. The other rub is I like to stick to tradition, which means “thou” and “thyne” and my wife really wants to contact greek spirits in their original format as a pagan thing. I felt it was interesting to see if we could contact planetary sprits in the wiccan format.

When the spirit came, I wasn’t getting my normal warm and fuzzies I expect from Gods. I didn’t immediately shut it down because I figured with the storm raging, any spirit even loosely attached would be uppity. I queried the spirits name, she said tzedkiel. OK. I asked the spirits color, she said “Green or yellow”. I asked the spirits number, she said “14”.

For those of you playing along at home, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t immediately banish. The bottom line is I was unprepared and my nook’s battery was dead so I didn’t bring the associations into the circle. I decided to roll with it. Further questioning about the storms revealed the spirit had knowledge of the storm to the north but had no knowledge or control over the storm at sea. This is where I figured out something was very, very wrong. Either the spirit (especially a planetary spirit or anything else high up the food chain) has control over this stuff, or it doesn’t. Getting mixed mode messages is a bad thing.

I announced my intentions to banish the spirit and my wife was going “wait, wait”, at this point I was pretty sure the spirit was just talking for the sake of talking. After a few “wait wait”s I just decided we were done here, and gave it a stern license to depart (skipping the flowery, thankful stuff and making it clear I actually would get out the chain curse this time) and grabbed the paper lamen and kamea off my wifes clothes. I took these outside and burned them. The cat spent a decent amount of time looking at the door.

Turns out after we did this, my wife later said “Well, the spirit was asking for a bird”. The planetary spirits don’t ask for sacrifices in my experience but I know other bloggers (damned if I can’t find the link at the moment) have other experiences. Since we didn’t actually ask anything of this spirit, I found the request odd and a bit disturbing.

Now, even with the whole pissing contest about switching jupiter and saturn in ceremonial magic, “green” isn’t an option, neither is “14” for the number. If the spirit doesn’t respond properly to the normal queries about it’s number and place on the tree of life, it’s probably not a good idea to continue. It’s a spirit who is pretending to be another spirit, and all queries to it will not be truthful.

What particularly bothers me is “how does this happen”? I’m guessing the problem is the circle. I should have done the LBRP as the nu-sphere with the Egyptian godnames since those guys are planetary deities, instead I used Rufus’s own process which, standard to magic practice in general, works for him but not for me. An acceptable and frankly better alternative would have been to banish using the hexagram since that was fresh in my mind from the Rite and frankly I broke the axoim of “go with what you know”.

That being said, we successfully banished the spirit and that was the end of that. I’m really curious as to what other people think of this whole thing, especially the folks who do it regularly like The Digital Ambler.