Pictures forthcoming if we ever get them. I’m currently rolling with a generator I looted liberated from my parents who never really lost power. We’re two days until we see artificial light from the grid again, so I figured I would power up my bare minimum and go from there. Annoyingly, my job didn’t close, but my boss is refusing to hold it against anyone who doesn’t show.

My house – Trees fell within literally feet of the place but it was completely untouched otherwise, including the sump which I totally forgot about.

That first picture might be a bit hard to see bit it’s the neighbors pine and thats the corner of my house. The second picture is a tree which fell and was caught perfectly in the crook of another tree so that it hit neither our house nor our neighbors house nor damaged any property.

Father in laws house – Totally fine, he remarked it was weird it didn’t flood this time.

Parents house – So fine that two squirrels took up residence in the attic and my father had to go roll around up there with a broom to shoo them back out.

Step father in laws house –  No problems.

Mother in laws house – This is the one I will update this post with pictures of if we get them. She lives in Ocean City, NJ, which is right up the street (not anymore) from Atlantic City. It was so bad they went door to door throwing people on busses to get them off the island. Then they closed the bridges because of the winds. She left her two cats (not by choice – they just didn’t let animals on the bus), my wife was really broken up about it. She finally persuaded the cops to let her back on the island today, and when her and my step father in law got to the house, they not only found the cats alive, they found that the water had only come up to the porch. In poor planning on my part, I forgot the kitchen is an addon and lower than the porch, but it’s all linoleum and tile anyway so it just drained. According to her, “It’s strange the water came up to the stove but the carpet is bone dry”. Also “The neighbors got a lot more water than us”. It’s an island. The neighbors are literally five feet away. The water had to have been literally driven back to have the neighbors get more water than she did.

“Not by my power, but by the power of the LORD GOD…”

I figure I at least need a little angel figurine I can label EXARP and leave some gratitude on, I am interested in what other Enochian practitioners are doing. Someone had suggested a “pay it forward” sort of scheme and since we do see homeless near where I work, I figure I’ll buy them some sandwiches some day soon.