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I started to write this for a (non-magical) friend on Facebook and it got so deep it actually exceeded the available space in an Facebook Message.

I had casually mentioned that Jay-Z was probably a member of the illuminati. While I felt it was funny at the time, she started googling, then asked me point on to explain it.

Uh oh. Someone else wants to see the rabbit hole. First things first…

You’re going to have to pause the video several times. Me not being Mr Web 2.0, you’ll have to figure it out yourself.

The Vigilant Citizen has an OK write up of the lyrics but is not a part of any order and they miss things which are really obvious to me. To paraphrase Crowley (see chapter 3), “Make your mind dug out as an Island, Prepare for yourself a war machine”. Jay-Z is doing exactly this, the warlike imagery is present from the bullets around everyone’s neck and the clubs. The clubs are held high and crossed, this is almost certainly a reference to Osiris. He is the ruler. There’s a second allegory here where Jay-Z talks about “Maison Martin Margiela” clothes. The MMM is the Master Mark Mason, or a Mason who can assume a supervisory and planning role. The clothes are the mark. Furthermore Rhianna in the video starts out as Isis (notice the hat and comically long torch), and it’s safe to say there’s double meaning here and she is also Lucifer. All this in the first 40 seconds, there’s going to be a norgy of occult imagery here.

They throw the triangle (or the eye) several times in the video. This doesn’t particularly mean anything except that in Magic the eye represents God or the spirit. How they throw it (arms outstretched) suggests to me he is projecting force. My guess is that he’s saying that he is God and you are to see him in the triangle.

Later in the video Rhianna is dressed in what looks like funeral garb, with a vaulted ceiling above her reminiscent of a tomb. At the 2:10 mark or so it really does look like a tomb. This looks like it’s trying to follow the Gnostic Mass to me – The preistess and preist consecrate one another and the preist is reborn as a consecrated host to adore the preistess. This doesn’t ever seem to be fully explored in the video.

At the 3:16 mark, Rhianna is making a fylfot cross, either representing energy or representing the Arrow of Set (magical salute). This is the other gesture which represents occult knowledge. Yes, it looks like a Nazi salute. It really looks like she’s throwing a circle how they animate her but I also think it looks like The Magician. Again, note the wand.

Missing from the video is the adoration, so I don’t particularly see a Gnostic Mass in the video despite Jay-Z’s newfound love of Crowley. I don’t see anything which looks like it represents the pillars, I don’t see anything to imply the dove or the serpent, and I don’t see the altar or the traditional seating in a Masonic, Golden Dawn, or Ordo Templi Orientis temple. If I had to make a judgement call, I would say Jay-Z is familiar with the imagery but hasn’t actually joined any particular magical order. The music would be more like TOOL’s Lataralus in content if he did, and it’s just not present. Plus he’d have to become a hermaphrodite to be God, so I just don’t think it’s high on his list.