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My next door neighbor is sick. She’s got brain cancer, and she’s to the point where she’s laying in a hospital bed in her own house pretty much lined up to die.

How just utterly shitty is this? Right before Christmas, someone loses their spouse, and some four year old kid loses their mother. OK I’m sure that we should “all be thankful for the time we had together” and “plenty of people die around Christmas” but c’mon universe, have some decency or I will make you have some decency. We are the magus. We have the spiritual authority. I just don’t see the point in losing her before Christmas. In my heart of hearts, I suspect if we can just give her enough of a bump to get past Christmas it might be easier on her family. In reality, I’m going to go thermonuclear on this one and ask for miraculous healing.

I petitioned my local and diverse facebook group for assistance. Since we’re basically taking the order of things and trying to upend it I figured more hands would help make light the load. The idea is everyone is comfortable with a particular system of magic. The suggestions ranged from the mundane (“have her eat organic foods and only drink fresh water” – which is sort of tough to do on a hospital bed) to the Necromantic “you can’t save one soul without giving up another”. Well that’s not very good, but the guy said he could do it. I don’t even want to think about what the local drifter population near his house is subject to… Some people requested a picture but I didn’t have one. She doesn’t have a facebook or linked in. But this is besides the point – the magic needs to work without a picture. It needs to just work.

I’ve been reading more and more enochian books recently, the Angels have been poking me in various ways ranging from simple synchronicity to having the tap turn on at 3am and then turn itself off when reading a buddies call to the enochian watchtower of water. My general take was they were happy with my interpretation and operation and now want me to get more involved now that I’ve gotten past the Golden Dawn’s extremely narrow take on the system. Presently I’m reading and using Dees Five Books of Mystery. One of the guys I seriously respect in the group prodded me to evoke EXARP since I had used him previously to good effect and I wanted to evoke RZLA*, who, with the addition of an E, “healeth miraculously”.

*Observant readers will notice that RZLA is not on either table in the right place for medicinal spirits. RZLA+I is on the table. E+RZLA is AIR OF AIR. It’s my opinion that both RZLA+I or E generates the same Archangel with subtle differences. Just not the archangel of medicine – however this angel would have command of those spirits in an airy sense. This was not intentional, however since it links the spiritual world of thought (spirit of air) to the physical world (air of air), this is sort of a happy accident. Chalk it up to mundane problems depriving me of sleep.

Now previously I would have opened by LBRP and Watchtower, but since I’m dumping the Golden Dawn stuff except in specific use cases, I wanted to use the original messages given by Ave to āˆ†: “Call on us by the Seven Psalms“. As a replacement to other ceremonies, it’s quite nice. As a call to angels for healing and governance of the body it’s fantastic. Since the original was in Latin, if you can hack the Latin, you can do the entire thing in another language and it’s got the same sort of hypnotic effect as the Enochian language. Reciting the Psalms has the same effect as Kraig’s adaptation of the Regardi Middle Pillar ritual – the energy first flows down, then comes back up and pops out the crown chakra. I didn’t honestly expect it, but I was pleasantly surprised.

After that I went with my own take on the calls, the first call and the second call. Once I had EXARP hanging out (he enters with his traditional wind) I asked him to also deliver RZELA (“Rah-Zelah”). I put the E in the central position so I would have two similar spirits of different composition (literally). RZELA showed up at once and I was pleased. We petitioned both of them with the problem and what we wanted and our grievances with the universe in general and both Angels were receptive. My wife wanted to query one of the Angels for unrelated magical issues, and interestingly RZELA left when we changed topics without a license to depart or formal send off. EXARP hung around and gave us answers to the questions in his own good way.

We specifically asked about how things would go for her and we drew the 9 of Wands. I am cautiously optimistic for her situation on seeing this card. One of the good signs here in the card is airy – the whole thing seems suspended in space. EXARP’s hand is definitely in this one. Most of the tarot definitions of this card are generally strength in opposition. I’m hoping this means she can hang in there, at least until Christmas, even if we did ask for her miraculous recovery.