I’ve been in a funk for the last two weeks. I attributed it to the normal seasonal depression we all get where we don’t spend enough time with our families. Then I attributed it to trying to heal my neighbor and seriously wondered if I was doing The Right Thing. Generally, if you’re not being introspective, you probably shouldn’t be doing magic. My outside presentation is typically after as much internal debate as I can muster into a decision.

Turns out I’m starting to think it’s the universe in general. Between Connecticut having it’s second school shooting, China having a mass stabbing of a grade school, people acting like jerks in public, my neighbor ultimately dying, and the fact that isn’t covering everything my kids want (something I had a huge fight with my wife over), things in general all around suck.

Also half the crap I bought for my family in China got picked up in customs.

Depression is actually the second worst thing for a magician (the worst being ego itself) since it gives the appearance of everything being stacked against you. The only thing to do is get back on the horse.