I hate to say this but frankly I’m largely disappointed in the occult community’s reaction to the Connecticut shooting. Most people in the occult community are, unfortunately, Democrats. This has always been a source of disappointment to me because instead of trying to find that middle pillar between liberty and statism, they throw everything they have into one political party. My perception of the parties at the time of this writing has largely been that the Democrats might support gay marriage (not universally), welfare, unions, etc, but they also want to grab all the guns and they can’t balance a budget. Republicans had the stance that the government should be limited by what it takes in and they can go from there. As a libertarian and more recently OTO member, “Do what thou wilt” has been the whole of my law for a good long time before I even took up religion again. To me, the Republicans had always had the right stance with “Maybe we shouldn’t regulate this”. I totally understand the allure of the Democrats for a lot of people – actually suggesting stuff the government should be doing is sexier than suggesting what the government shouldn’t be doing. I think part of it is because no-one wants to be told no, the other part of it is no-one realizes that cleaning up is something that needs to be done. The problem of legal-debt in the US (what amounts to dead laws in the justice system) is so big we make fun of it on websites. There’s my home state in all it’s glory.

So what disappoints me about people’s reactions? People in the occult community aren’t sticking to their convictions. In a truly well balanced person, we should seek to make everything work with everything. Therefor our politics should be able to stand up to our religious analysis and visa versa. We need to ask ourselves philosophical questions about our beliefs and how they shape our world. The Occult community blows at this level of introspection. It’s one of the reasons why I have huge amounts of respect for the Golden Dawn and similar organizations. The outer orders weren’t about throwing spells around and doing magic, they were about introspection and perceiving the world through various lenses. If you use the Tree of Life for this, or elemental lenses via pentagrams, or chakras, it’s all the same process and should produce a well rounded, well integrated person. The Occult community has seriously lost this – people operate on topic. The clue-bell should be ringing for my readers, operating on a single issue is how the initiatory grades work. Be it fire, the root chakra, a sephirot, whatever – the lowest grades which are designed to true up to how people operate are also the same method of how people are expected to act with no training at all. In short, single issue voting says someone doesn’t have a good grasp of the calling of the universe.

What are the conclusions here?

Two tenants of (modern) occult philosophy are that objects can carry a charge, but objects are typically charged and newly made objects have no charge. The other tenant is spiritism. Things have spirits, people have souls (spirits), animals have spirits.

Only one person in the Occult community on Facebook actually suggested anything which looked like the spiritism tenant. He specifically said he was going to try to evoke Lanza’s soul and have a conversation with it. (He didn’t post back either way, I did ask him privately for a follow up). While this is sort of a faux pas solution, it is acknowledging that as magicians, occultists and such, we have this opportunity. I would have liked to have seen a less tit-for-tat solution. I think the correct thing to do – and please post your blog in the comments section if you also had the same thought – is to attempt to pop the astral bubble around the school. I rarely get impressions of astral structures, but I suspect the school lives in a bubble of pain and unhappiness. The school also has iron beams in it. I suspect an effort should be made to pop the bubble using the beams as a ground. This is a productive, and politically libertarian solution, which lets the people get on in their own way while avoiding the risk of the creation of an egregore similar to Low Magick. That’s all well and fine, but no-one has suggested it in the occult community I run in. I’m disappointed. I suggested it, we’ll see what comes of it.

The second consequence of this short thinking is we’ve completely abandoned the whole idea that objects are spiritually neutral. In fact, the occult community which is voting for tighter gun laws is actively ignoring this principle. In a new weapon, be it an athame, sword, firearm, whatever – the operator is directed to either cleanse it under running water or actually forge the thing himself in the Solomonic magic. To assert then, that guns are bad and somehow inspire people to kill, means that either the gun makers themselves are charging the weapons with poor intentions as they leave the factory or the guns themselves are somehow picking up a charge. If the gun makers are doing it, I am quitting my job right now and sending in applications, because it would be awesome and it’s an easy fix. I think the argument that the gun picked up a charge somewhere is possible, because guns don’t have to be “new” the same way cars don’t have to be new. However given that Assault Rifles are banned in the US from the surviving portions of the assault weapons ban, it’s not likely anyone is going to run across an actual weapon of war. (This is one of the reasons I’m personally paranoid about my hunting rifles and believe the ones with blood in them are better).

But, the guns used in Connecticut were new manufacture  More on the point, they were used by the kids mother. The kids mother obviously cared deeply about the kids, and I don’t see how any sort of charge would have been picked up in any negative sense. I think it’s even more likely that a positive charge would have been held by the guns given their philosophy, but this isn’t something I’ve scryed and I can only empathize as a parent myself. If she was actually a prepper, the firearms were bought to defend her own kids. If she was a target shooter, the only concern was accuracy. I can’t imagine her purchasing the weapons specifically to shoot someone and take their end of the world supplies or whatever. The best gun in a defensive setting is the gun you don’t have to shoot.

Anyway, commence project Sandy Hook Bubble.