I used to think magical currents were sort of this BS notion people used when they threw themselves at something and really wanted to grab everything to make it work. I was quite content with my weird system of goetic magic for crap I didn’t care how it got done, enochian for things I did care about, and runes to tie it all in as divination and low magic stuff.

New problem – I’ve managed to read so much Enochian I’m finding it tough to work with other stuff. Specifically on point, where I normally thought about runes, I’m starting to seriously think about enochian letters. The problem, of course, is while the runes have well documented individual meanings, the hebrew alphabet even has nicely defined individual meanings, I can’t find some sort of enochian alphabet of rune definitions. Since I feel like I’ve been kicked in the face by a reindeer, this is bad. My normal low magic model is in a funky place, so my goto might work (or probably not). One of my buddies was nice enough to give me a sigil to use to use his charge, but I still need to use my own lens to focus. So much for emergency magick.

Now, some ideas I’m ruminating on: Is each letter a force or a thing, or is each letter in it’s Golden Dawn style pyramid a name or a thing? Because a rune bag with several thousand truncated pyramids might not be a fun thing to have. Or maybe it would be neato since once I’ve mapped each square on the great table, I could runecast them. On the other hand, I’m a firm believer in three letter names being spirits of things, and two letter names being cacodaemons, so one letter things are…(?)

I vaguely remember someone attempted to walk the great table as individual letters, but of course I can’t find the link.

Yup, not a complete thought here but I like to publish my notes in hopes someone finds this and points me to the right dark corner of the net…

Edit: Just in case it’s not obvious, I have a head cold.