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I’m starting to get my legs as a magician, which means every particular working I seem to be able to get something to happen if I follow the instructions. That being said we called Bethor in the actual Hour of Bethor, on the Day of Bethor. To call the atmosphere thick in the oratory would be an understatement, I personally felt that the presence was building before we even finished the oration. My wife reported seeing a shadow on the far wall. Unfortunately, the oratory isn’t as dark as I would like, even with our ghetto towel over the window. (The oratory is a weird room written on the floorplan of the house as a bedroom but it’s terribly small. I originally planned to use it as an office so windowdressing wasn’t high on my menu.)

The last time I think we made two large mistakes: My wife asked for EVERYTHING. New job, gold raining from the skies, knowledge of everything, the destruction of the universe. OK not the last bit but you get the idea. I hate charging spirits with more than one objective. I really like shoaling, even if Gordon is a paranoid mess when it comes to politics. The second thing we did wrong was we didn’t follow instructions. There is a planetary hour and day for everything. They are there for a reason. Also I flipped on Stenwicks instructions and did an invoking pentagram and an invoking hexagram. Maybe it’s not a total flip, maybe we need more microcosmic help. It seemed to work better.

Wait, following instructions? Well this is a new sticky wicket. I figured out my own instructions are in the Peregrin Wildoak book for using Shin for Spirit on the pentagram, and this is what separates the armchair occultists from the practicing magicians – there’s enough instructions out there to make you right even if you’re wrong. The trick is to read them, decide if you like them, then actually try them out. Maybe I don’t like my polarities flipped on my circles. Maybe it doesn’t matter since I almost always try to operate on a microcosmic level. The point is – try it out.

Now, how does shoaling work in ceremonial magic? The more effort you put into something, the more you MAGICK, the more powerful your magic gets. I don’t believe in pestering the Gods. I strongly believe spirits don’t have a sense of time, they only have a sense of arrangement or current. That being said, the more we try to get to work with the spirits and the more we try to get to know them, sing their praises, and otherwise dump our energy into them, the better the results will get. So, why not, on the day of Jupiter, take every one of those hours of Jupiter (all three of them) and do an evocation?