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I’ve been reading Planetary Magick from Denning & Phillips. It’s Aurum Solice, which people either love or hate. The AS published piles and piles of stuff, but the Magical Philosophy series is the best of the best. Needless to say my wife wanted to try to call a planetary spirit, so guess what I did tonight?

I’ve been redoing the hexagram and pentagram rituals in my own way, but I wasn’t quite ready to employ this yet. I decided to try the Stenwick method he presents in Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy. The basic idea is you banish the elements, invoke the planets, then invoke the specific planet. At the end I re-invoked the elements to bring it down to earth.

Following that ritual structure for the beginning and ending, the middle is the meat. The altar was setup with a blue cloth, four symbols of Jupiter (traditional astrological, angelic, etc), four white candles, four stones related to Jupiter, four ingredients in the incense, and a shewstone (crystal ball, clear). Behind the crystal ball was a blue glass candleholder. I did the opening per Stenwick, then let my wife read the rest and do the knocks. She did OK.

Now, previously, this produced no results with me. I strongly suspected each class of spirit required a different mode of scrying. The Enochian Entities let me eyelid scry, they’re strongly biased toward active imagination. The Goetic spirits almost always want sideshow stuff – candles bursting into flames or going out, smoke, etc. Planetary spirits want… What? Well, the Planetary Magick book puts everything into traditional spheres, there are spheres on the tree of life, the spheres sing, the spheres have colors, and the spheres project light. See anything yet?

Me either.

And that’s why it took me forever to figure out how to get ahold of planetary spirits, because in traditional magical living and philosophy, the answer is right in front of my face and I haven’t gotten my brain around it yet. Hur dur, the sphere changes color when we put a candle in a colored glass jar behind it. Yup, thickest magician in the world, right here.

After a minute for the energies to bake in, my wife jumped in with “Is the spirit here?” I weirdly almost immediately caught the image of a blue room, with a door open at one end. The door is open to something shining and brilliant (I couldn’t see through the door). There’s no-one in the room. Almost as suddenly as I figured this out and saw through the stone (like looking through a camera, was my impression), I noticed a blue muscular figure on the left side almost wave to me. I took this as “I’m here, what’s up?” It was a gesture so weirdly normal I almost jumped.

We charged the spirit, and gave it specific windows to operate in (two weeks) and a specific goal (a job) at a specific place (a company). We then brought the elements back in (invoking pentagrams) and thanked the spirit and backed out.

Why is it important to bring the elements back in? It links the spirit to the microcosm (your world) as you perceive it. Tomorrow we will clean up the altar and see what happens. I realize this wasn’t the best timing ever, it wasn’t the correct day, but magic needs to just work.

EDIT: Wow less than 12 hours later and the company called back. She didn’t get the job, but it’s actually sort of impressive in it’s own crappy way that a company actually called back. Tonight I suppose we will try again.