I told my wife I wanted to go it alone. No offense, but having another person in the circle seems to throw off the energies sometimes. Also someone who doesn’t get into it to the same level you do can kill it.

QC, LIRP, LIRH, Sign of Jupiter (six pointed star), QC. Knocks, AS book opener. Meditate for 15 minutes to start getting into the groove. Crown chakra gives me the bump indicating I’m touching a sphere.

Received almost immediate contact with the spirit. Muscular, topless and blue, this dude showed up and welcomed me graciously, I still get the impression of a super built AVATAR cat. I should probably eat less sugar. The spirit was wearing a blue diamond circlet of some sort around it’s head. Colors and numbers checked out. I asked for a vision of the location and a barren but otherwise rocky plane was revealed. In the background was a lighter blue aqueduct, or we were in a stone circle.

What’s this about my wife’s current job offer? Received a vision of a drop of black water going into a dark river, with a swiftly moving current.

What’s this mean? Business.

OK We’re in emergency mode here, should I sell stuff? I got the impression this was the wrong thing to do, but the spirit could help.

Tell me about my wifes positions: I was told she’s emotional right now, things need to calm down. I was told to be supportive of her. The current position is gone. (Mundane note: The current position I took to mean the position they called to tell her no about).

But she needs a job: She will get a job.

She needs a job where she can learn: She shall learn on the job.

She needs a job at [company] because they teach: She will have a job at [company] after all the (void of course? concept not in language – either the spirit means “emotional mess calms down” or “her period is over” – it probably means both). Take it easy. (Bob Marley appears in my minds eye in jupiter colors.)

I want to enter the gate and receive your blessing: (The crystal ball shows jupiter the planet, I snuck a peek using my mundane eyes. This is interesting since the candle rests in a blue holder, so the image should be blue). (The sensation of a portal).

OK should I buy lotto tickets now since you don’t want me to sell stuff? (The spirit is amused.) I don’t govern the lottery, I handle structured interactions. A sensation of silver or a white smoke. (Mundane note: Saturn?)

OK show me business. A drop of black water in a formless void. The drop extends white half helices outward. These represent dealmaking, partnerships, products. They become manifold, and surround the drop of water like a snowflake.

Show me an acquisition: A larger drop of water is next to a smaller drop of water – again, inky and black. The smaller drop seems glossier somehow. It vibrates slightly. The larger drop is duller, it seems thick and heavy. The larger and smaller drops extend the white things to one another. The smaller drop dies. The white things spread like a mold, and consume the smaller drop. The larger drop grows, and occupies the space held by both.

Show me (my company): A mundane vision of the skyscraper. The red pillar I recognize as a governing spirit surrounds it and it touches the sky.

Show me my division in my company: An eye. At first, human. The iris and pupil has well defined colors. (Mundane note in review: The drops of water might be pupils). Then things zoom out and as we rise above the plane, and the eye becomes an eye of horus. Stylized and Egyptian. The top becomes skin, the sides sink in, I realize the eye is really a pore now, we rise and rise and I see skin and a face. The vision fades before I can recognize it.

Show me my boss: A heart, red at first but fading. No motion. White spectral hands surround the heart. There are three hands, they make a triangle around it.

Show me my [teammate with managerial aspirations]: A brain. The brain lays or floats in something sinewy, as though it’s in the center of the body.

At this point the vision became a bit chaotic. I saw the head of a loin, then a face, then a geometric shape, then maybe the lion again, then the blue angel, then the shapes, and then the blue angel. I threw the astrological sign of Jupiter at this in the appropriate colors. Things settled down.

Thank you for appearing and your time. Is this a good way to contact you? Yes.

Should I evoke you multiple times? The more you call me the better it will be.

I thanked the spirit, gave a knock, told the spirit it had the room if it desired and backed out.

As I’m typing this up, I looked at my black bathrobe. It appeared a royal blue. I took this as a good sign.