My head feels like it’s filled with lead at the moment. Also I have this weird wet chill. I’m not wet, nor is it particularly cold in here.

The altar was covered in black, with a single black candle on it. The shewstone was in front of the black candle, the incense was myrrh. Trying to drag my wife into these things, we agreed I would prompt her when to meditate and when to intone the Holy Names (YHVH ELOHEEM).

Opened with KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC.

Had trouble opening the crown chakra, probably because it’s midday and my kids were tearing around as kids do. This rite would have been better done at night. I strongly prefer using the last planetary hour for this reason.

Tried to approach the space, the colors seemed off. I held the grey light in my mind as much as possible. Finally realized the sense of space was the space. It was a bit lonely, but that also meant there wasn’t a spirit here. The space itself was shimmering, as though an orb made of liquid metal, like mercury. Eventually I figured out this was a sphere, a giant stone sphere, made of something ethereal, and I was inside it. Again, nothing for the spirit.

I threw out the sign of Saturn, nothing. I threw out a hexagram and became aware of something barely standing to my right. The figure was skeletal, and was sort of brooding. We noticed each other about the same time. The spirit seemed largely indifferent to me.

Show yourself: The spirit stood up. Then it turned from Death into the Virgin Mary. It went back and forth like this several times. I attempted to test the spirit, the spirit seemed to test well enough by forcing a form, so I decided it was good at any.

Why are you changing form? There are many forms on your altar.

I’m looking for the angelic form. The spirit turned into Death wearing Holy Mary’s blue robes. She carried the scythe. I’m not sure if the spirit was joking or this was the best it could do given the altar. Note to self, sometimes less is more.

Where are we? We are in Saturn. A sense of a lake of mercury moving through a grey stone cave. I actually came to think it was a mausoleum.

Do you know [my friend]? Yes.

We’re going to heal him.

Changed to king scale colors for my visualization. Note that the spirit was extremely willing. Me, in crimson, and the Skeletal form in Grey hugged, merged, and the power left my phallus.

The angel returned as though it never left.

Show me this sphere. We went to a garden. The Death-Virgin turned into the proper virgin in the gardens. Willing ourselves outside the space, the was death. Willing ourselves into the garden, the was the virgin.

Where is this? This is the summerlands. As it was before, so shall it be again. For all souls come here.

What do you grow here? The spirit was amused. No food grows here, we stand in the light. A figure of a man appeared, as sunbathing, nude, from the bush. The message is that the summerlands of death are the garden of eden. Maybe. I’ve never read anyone have this view on the topic, so I am interested in people’s conversations.

Where do the unworthy dead go? I was shown a soul on a boat in the lake of mercury. The virgin is death again, the boat moves slowly. All dead make it to the summerlands, after a period of reflection on the lake.

I was running out of questions but interested enough in the spirit to want to keep up contact.

What do you taste like? A bitter taste, a rough cloth feeling. The cloth is black.

What do you… At this point my kid started crying and it absolutely destroyed my concentration. I was planning on asking about the altar, mode of contact, etc. Completely missed it.

Closed temple.

Good luck, D.

Update: Rufus has discussed Astral Cruft in the past, the room smelled like death for a full day after before clearing. Having used frankincense and myrrh for previous working, it doesn’t smell like this.