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Since I’m now doing daily adorations of the planet for whatever instance of planet is the day – Today I decided to talk to Venus. I have a pet theory that evoking the planet in a form lends an expectation to the spirit, this was absolutely intentional and seems to be working. If I called Hagith, I would expect an olympic spirit. Venus I expected The Venus.

Opened with KC, LIRP, LIRH, Sign of Water, KC. Went for a really simple altar since I didn’t know what to expect, so just one candle in a green jar, a thurible with coal, incense of rose and benzoin. I really like the benzoin.

Did the Rite of Approach and Rite of Contact from Planetary Magick. Meditated. The contact took a bit longer I think because my crown chakra took awhile to open but I got the “bump”. The crystal ball at this point had a green womans face in it, strong features, long hair, made from the reflections in the room. I meditated.

The following notes are abridged. It’s Venus. My dick could bust concrete right now.

Show me you: A woman, wearing something like a vest and a skirt. Topless, but tasteful. Long hair, strong face, sort of rounded. Somehow a motherly figure but also sexy at the same time. She could bear children, or seduce someone. Nice curves. This is equal parts sexy and artistic, sort of like “I could be a mother, but I also could be really fun in bed”.

At this point I tried a trick I learned from someone else – I tried to force a form on the spirit. The spirit looked amused, and went back to themselves after I released my will. I believe I am dealing with the authentic Venus. A deceptive spirit would assume the form. My own will would assume the form.

Show me the realm: The floor was made of pillows or something similar soft. When I say “the floor” I mean “the vast expanse of wherever we were”. Theres not enough pillows in Morocco to intimate this concept. The pillows were weirdly distinct, with a cord around each one, a button in the middle, and tassels hanging from the side even though they tessellated together into infinite pillows.

The “walls” of the space were equally curvy, each one a green banner. There was something like a breeze with no sensation of breeze to keep them undulating slowly. We went up, up and up and up forever, it felt like a hand on the back of my head lifting me gently. The space was shaped like a triquetra.

The spirit queried me Why are you here? I explained I wanted to make contact. Welcome, visitor. (Long conversation edited for content – I’m sure you can imagine).

I decided to stretch my astral legs and try to look around. The sky was filled with stars, and was a deep deep violet. Black clouds swirled around. They would blot out the stars, then new stars would appear from behind them. The clouds and sky undulated like the churning of a storm. I got the impression it was raining outside of pillowland, and pillowland itself was surrounded by water.

Will you let me receive your blessing and empowerment? The vision changed, I was now in a golden current. The current came from a light on the horizon, flowed strongly but slowly through me, then went into a depth like a well, but the column of water went into it. The effect was like a bath in warm honey, filling and flowing. The well was like, well, a column of something thick being pushed slowly through the column.

What should be on your altar? A vision of gold chains like coins draped across the altar, tablecloth of green, the magician should sit on a pillow. There should have been a single red rose in a white bowl filled with water and perfumes. A sense of more perfumey smells than my crappy dried out roses would give.

My wife wants to offer pomegranates: Pomegranates are fine, sugared pomegranates are better.

Thanks, and a single knock to close my end. The spirit was welcomed to stay in the room. My wife wanted to use the rest of the hour and candle to attempt meditation. She entered the room after I left to attempt to talk to Venus. I will update with her results. (Note my wife isn’t cabalistically trained).

My wife’s perception of the spirit: I saw the planet venus, I saw three dots which are Earth, Venus, Mercury, as though the solar system. I saw a fiery bird (a dove). Roses, flowers. Warm glow, a sense of humor. I could not perceive the spirit, I saw a face without hair, like a bust. She seemed fun a bubbly. Shes interested in our marriage. I asked the spirit to be on standby for my [wiccan ritual] so she will be available when I draw down the moon. The spirit consented. The spirit seriously wanted pomegranates. She likes strawberries, and she prefers her offerings in pinks and reds, with sugar. Red roses were a theme. She smelled cinnamon. She likes fire and candles, music, sweets, perfumes, spices (cinnamon and nutmeg). My wife emphasized the “warm glow feeling”. My wife put a statue of her on the altar and said the spirit responded positively.

I actually sort of object to the vision received in this particular rite. Venus is sort of stereotypical here and I’m not sure if it’s my own natural biases or what. The whole theme of the vision was sexual movements, it was like watching a belly dance if the landscape itself were belly dancing. Also it occurred to me after the vision the pillows were supposed to be shaped like a midriff. The sexual imagery was fairly obvious.