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This vision was unfortunately chaotic and less structured than I would have liked. I suspect this is because I follow the idea that all planets and powers are represented in Sol, so I need to be familiar with all planets and powers. This is what I get not doing this on a monday. Note for next week I am going to just slog through the remainder, then finish out the week with visits. Come Sunday, I will have visited all the spheres, and will try again.

KC, LIRP, KC, LIRH, incense and whatnot. Don’t have a yellow candle or a yellow altar-cloth, so I picked the lightest green one I could find. I loaded up my frankincense. My frankincense is crap. Vibrated the divine name.

At first, nothing. But this time I did not sense the presence of a spirit, but distinctly saw a bronzed face. At first this was indistinct, and looked like the face on the Oscar. The face was eventually lit from below, as though a forge or furnace. The normal conversation I have with the spirit didn’t happen, so I’ll try to transcribe the vision. I felt more like I was being led around than here to chat. Attempting to use King Scale didn’t result in anything. Forgot to test the spirit. Things were so crappy trying to get into the mode it felt unmanageable. Tried vibrating several divine names. Eventually this produced an image of a greek god, but the throne faced away from me. Attempting to see the face produced an image of a face radiating power out of the eyes and mouth, it seemed to be blowing out my astral vision.

A sense of movement.

A set of the formless fire, electrical and chaotic.

I see a tower rising up from a land far below. The symbol of the sun in this realm is obvious, the tower is the dot in the middle. The tower is rock, a greek temple sits on it.

The greek temple at first was straight columns, then turned into lightning bolt columns as the rune silow. I entered the temple. The figure on the throne, facing away from me.

Attempted to use King scale to get the spirits attention. No such luck. Attempted to talk to the spirit. The spirit seemed to be everywhere now, not just in the seat. There was the sense of a strong lamp in the seat as though light everywhere, but I couldn’t see it. The chair appeared large and square, as though the lincoln memorial.

What is your smell? Frankincense.

What’s your taste? Oranges and citrus.

What do you look like? Again, a face, over a forge. Light pouring out of everything like an over exposed photograph.

What is the link so weak? Because your belly is so full. (I just ate, but having missed lunch, I should have waited).

The face changes to Odin, from Thor without the eyepatch and a tricornered hat. The light continues flashing from the forge.

At this point I’m following the script for asking for healing for four different people. Edited slightly for content.

Do you know [name]? (Once for each person). I do, as I know all things past, present, and future under the sun. (This is probably a dig at me asking for healing, but I’m the magician so I get to ask the questions. My spirits tend to be coy.)

Can you heal [name], he has [disease]? I shall. A vision of very small things moving around very quickly. It’s like a whirlwind of sand carrying an electrical charge. This is sort of weirdly beyond description. A tingly feeling. Heart Chakra is warmed.

Can you heal [name], she has [disease]? A vision of the axis mundi, filled with light. Note the spirit did not confirm nor deny they were healed. Usually a spirits put the no in non-answer. The spirits cannot disobey the divine authority, but they don’t have to affirm, either. Having compelled enochian spirits in the past, they do sometimes just opt to leave.

Can you heal [name], she and he have leukemia? It was yes for the female, it was a “we shall try” for the male. Both of them were visions of bulbous black things on top of flowing blood. Again, light follows everything, it was as though a bright light permeated the whole vision. Slides on a microscope. The black thing had three obvious oblong nodes. One of the nodes broke off and was consumed. The vision faded.

I attempted to retain the vision but again my kids started screaming and killed my concentration. Left temple open for my wife, although she also can’t scry with screaming kids and frankly I’m wondering why she’s going up to scry with the kids screaming in the first place. A very brief vision of the greek temple on my way out – I was pretty much shown the door literally. None of this “please grant me your blessings, etc”.

Temple is closed.

EDIT: I am going to call myself on bullshit here. I had a chance to reflect and have a beer and this plays way too much into my own personal history of Asatru and related imagery. Did I talk to a spirit? Sure. Does it mean I talked to Sol? Probably not. Shouldn’t the sun have its own imagery? Why doesn’t the spirit face me? Was I stupid for not testing the spirit? Yes.

Update update: just found out the guy has cancer which my wife says is black. I have no fucking idea. To quote Crowley, “I am perplexed.” Sigh.