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I am warm, and rocking on the ocean…

Opened by KC, LIRP, KC, LIRH, divine names (IAO).

At first, an image of the moon. This came really quickly. I sort of cruised around the moon and looked at craters. There’s no little green men, secret Nazi bases, or alien temples. It’s really quite mundane, but also quite nice.

Vibrating IAO (note next time I’ll stick to the hebrew names, I don’t like re-using IAO after this experience), I climb up and come through the floor to place where the ceiling is white white grey, the floor is black. These are both surfaces, highly polished. I don’t cast a reflection in the astral. Eventually and paradoxically I realize I am in a crater, and it’s round, except the walls are quite clearly square and crystalline.

An angel appears – all white, very faintly blue. Tests well by signs. We leave the structure.

Who are you? Luna. God of the Witches.

Can you show me around? We fly around the moon for just a brief second to arrive at a place covered in craters. The craters morph into the chess tiles (black and white squares) of the lodge. The floor goes away, she cradles the Earth as though an infant. Adoration flows between the Earth and Her.

What message do you have for me? Everything old is new again. It is a special time, the wheel of the year is about to be refreshed. No other time is the moon more potent.

Do you mean New Years or because the moon is full? The new wheel.

What do you taste like? Novocaine. (Slightly fruity, slightly numbing).

What do you feel like? I am adrift on the sea. The moon is absolutely huge in the sky above me. The moon has the formless fire. The sea is warm. I am not rocking on the water so much as I am being swayed like a baby. I want to let go, but I am worried about the vision fading. The spirit is amused and puts me back on high.

Can I pass through your portal and receive your blessing? You already have. I was taken back to the room through the floor. I now understood the room was the portal.

I thanked the spirit and told her she has the room.

The part of the vision which I should have probed more for is the wheel of the year, but asking if the moon is equally potent full or new, etc. Magical experiments for another time… This is really why I enjoy magic. It might not seem much for the hour it takes me to gather the small experience I share with you but when the visions are nice, I am enraptured. I want to go outside and simply stare.