I am hot, and sort of energetic without the fatigue. It feels like I’ve just worked out.

The altar was covered in a red cloth, with a red candle holder. The normal shewstone I’ve come to love was there, along with a thurible burning a coal. My wife put a statue of Ares on the altar, along with red rubies. The incense was some pipe tobacco I let dry out too much so it became incense. It makes awesome incense. Holts Black Cavendish blend.

KC, LIRP, KC, LIRH. Archangels and visualizations were really nice today. I don’t normally like to evoke in the daytime but it was clicking for me.

A scene of mars, everything is sort of as anyone would expect, red, red, red, red… No robots or rovers, just Mars. I eventually realize there’s blackened treestumps around.

A scene of moving down a hallway. The hallway has bronze or gold arches over it and no ceiling. I’m just sort of floating along here.

A scene of a horse, I come to realize the horse is the angel. This sort of weirds me out. Doesn’t test well by signs, horse goes away.

A dragon. Dragon does not test well by signs. Dragon goes away.

The statue. Statue does not test well by signs, statue goes away.

Finally a vision of an arrow, steel, it’s moving quickly, it pierces something.

A spirit is moving something on a board. Over and over. Spirit tests well by signs.

Mars? Yes. I am the spirit of the warrior, but also the general.

What is your smell? I love this smell. I love this smell too! 

Whats your taste? Iron and cinnamon.

How do you feel about this whole gun thing? The spirit touches his sword. It is the firmament of diplomacy. A vision of two tornadoes, they collide and annihilate each other. What’s left is a uniform field of something I can’t quite grasp. The calm after the storm, or the battle. This particular vison would later repeat itself again with men, tanks, wind, some sort of metal…

Will you give me your blessings? Sure. We fly through the place now. Outside it looks like a giant stone castle, the stones are purple and solid. The wall is amazing. Inside the tunnels again, arrow shaped, arches of gold. We go to the top of the castle and stand on a battlement, also arrow shaped, and shoot an arrow. The arrow has a rope attached to it. I get the impression this is a link to this place.

How about iraq? Afghanistan? You don’t have the resolve to take these places, for it would mean the death of everyone.

Do you have a message? Diplomacy is the sword. The sword is diplomacy.

How about my job? I see you could take treasure. But as treasure is taken, so then it could be taken from you. Guard yourself, but (image of thrusting fire, streaks across the sky, etc).

Thank you for coming. A nod, the spirit turns back to the table.

I should have asked about how to deal with my kids but it didn’t cross my mind.