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E-mail subscribers – I do re-edit posts with anything I feel which qualifies as results. This was significant enough to warrant another post. I just didn’t want the email subscribers to miss anything.

My wife has been piggybacking my rites, which is to say I won’t close the temple fully (blowing out the candles and dousing the coals) and she will come in behind me and try to talk to the spirits. She’s been having little results perceiving the spirits, but I postulated that since the spirits weren’t formally dismissed with a temple closing, they were still present and could hear her.

Last night my altar was covered in a purple, with a single candle on it, shewstone and jasmine incense. I did my thing. My wife came in after me and put an Atremis statue on the altar and tried to talk to Artemis.

Now, I am a fan of the idea that the spirits are present even if you can’t perceive them. How else should magic work? However I am also 100% sure if someone doesn’t participate in the rites, they’re not going to perceive the spirits. If they can’t perceive the spirits, can they interact with them? Well sure, because if we believe that people have to do the rites to interact with or be affected by the spirits, how would we actually use magic to affect people or the outside world? How would group rituals work?

My wife put Artemis on the altar and asked if she could get a deer. This year me, my brother, and my father all got deer and we’ve been really enjoying the quality, free range venison. My wife had felt a bit left out. She’s shot at deer before but nothing has connected.

This morning we wake up and what does she see? There’s three deer in the woods behind the yard. Unfortunately, being new years day we slept in, but she still managed to grab the bow and push them around a little bit before they spooked.