So my husband has been meeting the planetary spirits and I have asked to join him in doing so.  Each time I would call the planetary spirits by their Greek names because that  is the pantheon that I am comfortable with.  When I met Ares I got a sense of a master soldier ready for battle.  A feeling of don’t mess with him or he’ll kick your teeth in kind of guy.  Since I am new at contacting the planetary spirits with ceremonial magic I get bits and pieces here and there.  I sensed a dark stone hall with an ornate carved throne in the middle.  Dark and industrial like a forge or something was burning in the distance.    I asked him what kinds of things he liked on his altar.  He said a big yes to red wine and to blood in a silver chalice.  Doesn’t need to be human blood, animal blood is fine.  But he really likes fresh, warm blood right from the source and into the chalice.  I told him if I get a deer he can have the fresh deer blood.  He liked that.  Also, then every part of the deer doesn’t go to waste so I kind of like that idea too.  I saw a ball of electric light which looked like an “energy ball” going away from me.  I say energy ball because I really don’t know how else to describe it.  This one started off as a pink color and then became a dark magenta color.  I would move away from me like a landing strip light moving down a line in the darkness on a repeating loop.  Then a magenta energy ball came up to my face and turned a bright violet color was “all up in my personal space and shit”.  It was literally touching my nose.  I was going cross-eyed trying to see it.  My baby started to scream and cry and it made it hard to focus on meditation so I asked him to make her quiet, like have her take a nap or watch tv and shut up.  She immediately shut up.  This is so unlike her since she will scream for an hour.  I am hoping that each time I try to make contact I will get better at this and gain more insight.  For now this is all that I am going to post.  Until next time.