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A sense of rushing, I’m thinking a mile a minute…

Opened with KC, LIRP, KC, Archangels, LIRH, then the AS book. If you’re saying “that’s out of order”, you would be correct. I’m not sure why I switched it up right at the end but I did.

Immediately got ahold of the spirit, it tested well by signs. We’re flying impossibly fast through blades of grass. We must be like fairies. Everything is made of jewels, however. Impossible riches. A spider, made of rubies, sits on a silver web. A bee is made of diamonds, a blue jay is sapphire and the cardinal is ruby. The grass itself is red-gold, like leaf. The palace is made of giant rubies.

Let me see the land. We fly up impossibly high, the land is actually the spider web again, but instead of silver it’s made out of white lasers and shimmering. The spider is there, the ruby castle. It’s moving along with the web, the dance throws light everywhere.

Show me your office. Communication, the spirit says. Come with me. We’re flying in a pneumatic mail tube as the mail pod flies along it. We’re keeping pace with it, the office flies by impossibly quickly. The tube twists and turns but it finds it’s mark. A (person) picks up the mail tube, reads the message, puts a new message in, and off we are again…

What do you taste like? (This may have been a bad vision). Lemon, pepper, leather.

Show me you. A round face in a round hat, the face is made of gold. Suddenly I’m seeing a muscular man, he’s making jewelry. Gold flows from a mold. New rings are formed. A tone I can’t place, but the vibrations give the spirit golden energy like soundwaves.

What parts of the body do you govern? Mouth, ears.

Can you fix my ear ache? Yes but sometimes you have to scratch. The ear ache went away, then came back, then I had to scratch it.

I made some specific requests about work, my wife, my wife finding a job. The spirit did not say it would help my boss communicate with the team, but indicated it would help my coworkers get on.

Show me something it’s not obvious you govern. A vision of the pentagon. A vision of NASA. I ask Why NASA? and of course we’re flying around in space chasing radio signals and satellites.

What tarot card are you? Thoth tarot – king (knight) of swords.

You are the messenger of the gods? I am.

Show me delivering a message. This was possibly a mistake. A vision of the orange sphere, then the tree of life, then the tree of life as emanations of light which turn into pinpricks of vividness and a spiral of dots. The spirit, impossibly, pushes into the vision as though it were printed on latex. We pass through into bright light then darkness. Back to the orange sphere.

Can you help me read and understand the book? Yes. You will learn a lot. I will help you understand.

Asked for blessings, etc.

Talk to [name] on . This is the first time the spirit has actually bidden me to do something, I think. I agreed.