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Gold, gold everywhere… This post is slightly edited for content. The backstory is me and my wife fronted some money and out of the blue someone peripherally related just kicked us the outstanding debt the other party owed.

KC, LIRP, KC, LIRH, sign of jupiter. This is the new opening format, vision comes easily.

The cat is in the crystal again, a blue face under a fire. I close my eyes and lapse into spirit vision. It’s almost too abrupt, I fire a sign of Jupiter and the vision improves.

The cat is there again, but it’s more elfy, less blue, and a lot more human. It still has cat like features, and it’s wearing a blue checkered robe and some sort of hat. (The hat goes away). The spirit has me show up in an Arabian spice market. Theres stalls everywhere, the sky is the right royal blue, and I catch sight of the aqueduct thing in the background, far off. The smell is absolutely divine and airy, which is not the incense we’re using. It’s the first time I’ve had an astral… smell.

Howdy! Hi there. When you show up, you show up in our church. All this is worshipful of me. Look around!

The vision is a lot nicer. It comes with time. Also the altar is a lot cleaner. And we’re getting to know each other. (Apparently between now and then the link is stronger).

Where are we? Jupiter.

OK show me the aqueduct. We fly over the aqueduct. A purple, thick liquid is moving through it. Small purple people, more forms really, are scooping little bits and pieces of it off into buckets which they collect. Other people come and dump them back in. The stonework itself is a blue mandala. “Such is currency”.

Thanks for the money. Don’t mention it.

Can you do something nice for them? [Name] is on a fixed income, but at the same time money isn’t her currency. She wants to take care of her friends. She wants to become friends. Not all currency is [gold]*. (A gesture towards the flowing stuff). There’s political capital, emotional capital, and time. You spend each of these in your own ways. My other forms know more. (Probably a reference to my plan of hours). But I am all business. (I sense entendre, but the spirit was extremely friendly).

*The word was go-ah-uld. Anyone with language experience want to comment?

What do you want? I think you should experiment more. Use the money for more magic. (Again the spice market vision – I suspect the spirit of this was also to re-invest the money into practicing magic with this person).

Show me the interior of jupiter? (We’re now in the same context, a spice market, but all is whispy and blue. I suspect this was a pure vision of the interior of the mundane.)

We now arrive at a pit. Pourquois? This is how people tend to treat money. (The blue globs of stuff is just going into the pit endlessly, the people throw it in). But I have a temple. (Blue blocks start to line the maw, and then start stacking. A dome is built). And my temple does regulate. (The aqueduct is back, the dome of the temple acts as a valve, then the interior fills.) Behold a storehouse of treasure is created! (The spirit seems proud, if that’s possible).

Show me something it’s not obvious you govern. A flash of a square of light. Again? Again. What is it? Silence from the spirit. Then I try to approach but it’s fleeting. It feels sort of hot and resists me a bit. I’m not sure what it is. Another one quickly appears and goes away, it’s the same light and sort of staticky feeling. I realize it’s a TV commercial, as perceived by a spirit.

Show me my job. The building. The column of red again around the building. I will myself to move closer.

What’s this then? Silence from the spirit, but the spirit doesn’t mind me entering the column. A vision of the steel beams of the building composing a giant antenna to not only support the building, but the astral form. The form seems anchored on the top of the building’s beams, it’s extremely likely there’s a talisman or whatever powering it in the building? On the building? (Tried google maps later and there’s nothing on the roof).

We’re back hanging out in the spice market, the real one.

I was about to close the temple when I remembered….

How about my wife’s job search? She will talk to [company] tomorrow, it will go well.

(We briefly discussed some items I wanted to sell on Craigslist, he indicated it would be fortuitous).

Should we talk cash? At this point the spirit didn’t give me a number but rather let me explore a range of hourly options. When I went too high, the spirit seemed to withdrawal a bit, so I settled on a really good hourly rate for my wife.

Can I get a raise at work? (The spirit didn’t think that was in the cards, but it’s a new-ish job so perhaps that’s the answer. I briefly heard “stocks” or some other notion from the spirit but really this answer didn’t come across well and my feeling from the spirit was that it wasn’t going to happen soon.)

Thank you for your time and your blessings. You’re welcome back.