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Did the evocation of Venus, and completely screwed it up. Kids were screaming, so I made the decision to cut it short. I haven’t been focused today, so I forgot to banish. Things didn’t happen, which I find sort of interesting by itself. Because the Body of Light was not prepared, it was just empty words in a dark room.

Realized the mistake, did the KC, LIRP, KC, LIRH. Again, spirit vision came quickly. Spirit tested well by signs. Sharp features, black tube top, hair band, sort of short spiky hair with brightly colored feathers in it. It sort of reminded me of Alyx from Half Life 2. I’ve never played the game.

Why aren’t you taking care of your kids? I’ll take care of the kids.

Hello there. Hi! Welcome back!

The undulating banners were there, the pillows were there, and there was a stack of pillows in the corner. Again, the spirit was hypersexualized.

The spirit was getting naked. “This is how you create the egregore.” I wouldn’t say we had sex so much as comingled our intentions and energies. A shining ball came out of her, the new spirit was completely without form or color. It was sort of a ball how people describe orbs, and was receptive. (Oh I can’t wait for the Jupiter egregore, this is going to be weird). 

I have to make this quick, show me something it’s not obvious you govern. A vision of two competing teams, and the respect they show each other after a game.

How about care and feeding? Leave it offerings once a period, change the food of the spirit to your will. (I took this to mean make up a schedule, and then feed the spirits how you want them to act).

The spirit approved of the things on the altar and was happy with the visit.

Wait, an egregore?

Right. My wife has been wanting to keep some house spirits around for various gardening tasks. They would firmly be in daemon categories, and not actually full fledged spirits. I had been rolling the idea around in my head and having conversations with my local OTO group about what exactly the gnostic mass does. Reading Liber Aleph, chapter 86, we see:

Here then is the Schedule for all the Operations of Magick. First, thou shalt discover thy True Will, as I have already aught thee, and that Bud thereof which is the Purpose of this Operation.
Next, formulate this Bud-Will as a Person, seeking or constructing it, and naming it according to thine Holy Qabalah, and its infallible Rule of Truth.
Third, purify and consecrate this Person, concentrating upon him and against all else. This Preparation shall continue in all thy daily Life. Mark well, make ready a new Child immediately after every Birth.
Fourth, make an especial and direct Invocation at thy Mass, before the Introit, formulating a visible Image of this Child, and offering the Right of Incarnation.
Fifth, perform the Mass, not omitting the Epiklesis, and let there be a Golden Wedding Ring at the Marriage of thy Lion with thine Eagle.
Sixth, at the Consumption of the Eucharist accept this Child, losing thy Consciousness in him, until he be well assimilated with thee.
Now then do this continuously, for by Repetition cometh forth both Strength and Skill, and the Effect is cumulative, if thou allow no Time to dissipate itself.

All well and good but what does this mean? Well I think it’s pretty straightforward – Connect to the divine, and bring the life into the sphere you wish. Co-mingle the energies like I had in the vision, but at the same time we need to bind this to something mundane. It’s not enough to have a bud-will hanging around, it needs an anchor.

Now the triangle is the focus of the force. The cup is the reception of force. I plan on putting a cup in the triangle and the seal too. The triangle will hold and contain the bud will, the cup will receive our intent, and the sigil will provide the anchor. The spirit shall be told what permutation of the tetragrammaton shall be known to it, and from here the spirit will know the mode with which it lives. (Earth, Water, Air, Fire). The sigil itself will be made on the kamea, which will give it a planetary “parent”. From here we can produce four elemental governors.

After we have our elemental governors, I plan on taking up a list of tasks we want each one to do and using the same formula, but with the image of the governor invoked instead of the planet, to program a set of “fish” or worker egregores, which only have one task. This gives us a set of sigils to refresh periodically, but also gives us a way to govern the workers from a hierarchical structure. The divine inspiration here was the creation of the egregores themselves.

Finally the next problem is what do we do when we’re not gardening? If we say “this offering is for hitting the garden” and “this offering is to hibernate you” then we have a set of signals to quickly and easily set our wills without a huge ritual.

Therefor we have a governor (water) which has servant spirits of “more water”, “less water”, “root rot”, “mold”, etc. The governor fire would have “prevent scorching”, “prevent parching”, “prevent sunburn”. And so on. If we leave them out honeycake, they take care of the garden. If we leave them out bread, they sleep, but are sustained.