I am laying on a beach. It’s actually quite nice.

I’ve been trying to get my wife to do the rituals, so I let her open with the standard formula at this point. I vibrated the names alongside her.

The spirit vision came quickly and OH MY GOD WHATS GOING ON HERE? The last vision was incomplete.”

I slipped into spirit vision just in time to watch the sun crash into the temple on the spire. The whole thing burned. When I say burned I mean the rocks themselves were consumed in flame. Eventually the fire settled down and the temple stood on an island in the fire of the sun. The sky overhead was space itself, and beautiful. The temple was even bigger now – with ivory columns and black marble flooring. Gold inlay tastefully decorated the entire thing. The throne was there again, but this time in the middle of the newly rebuilt airy temple, with a figure seated on it. At first it was stereotypical Jesus, but this quickly burned off into a bronzed figure made out of liquid fire wearing angelic robes and a short skirt. “Hail to thee!” Hail to thee!

My wife at this point asked for her stone to be blessed, I saw the temple as part of our ritual room and the figure lay his hand upon it.

Show me something its not obvious you govern. A view of the outside of the temple, but then hanging out beside the sun-temple were other suns burning just as brightly. A red sun, a blue sun, a white sun, our yellow sun, even a small red sun and a black sun. “I am light. I am darkness. Even in this darkness the sun still burns”. A view of energy streaming out of the blackhole in a column.

We’re hanging out on a beach. Laying in the sun. Drinking it in. It is absolutely glorious. The perfect temperature, I’m warm but not sunburnt, it’s bright enough I can see the light through my eyelids. The sand is warm and soft. If I could, I’d lay here forever and just soak it in. “Such is worshipful of me.”

Are you all aspects of all spirits? “I am”. Show me Jupiter. We fly to jupiter. At first, we’re at the planet, but then as we quickly approach it becomes the realm with the spirit, then I realize that the Sun is the spirit when the spirit acknowledges the Sun.

I walk through the entire solar system like this, but the special case was with Luna. The idea of Luna the Angel hugging the Earth becomes one upped as the Sun hugs both Luna and the Earth.

What happens when we discover new solar systems? “They will have their spirits too. The hearts of Adam know the old Gods and will yearn for them, but the Sons of Adam will know the new Gods. They too will have their Luna, and their Jupiter, and their Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Shabbathi”. I’m not sure why the spirit didn’t say “Saturn”, but “Adam” conjured up the image of an astronaut.

So I can request the presence of a spirit today and so it shall be? “It shall be”. This is, of course, why Christian people use Sunday as their Sabbath. If I counted myself some sort of Christian Magician, why bother with the rest of the week? Of course the trap here is that ignoring the rest of the spirits produces a really lopsided experience. It didn’t work correctly according to Sol the first run through because I didn’t know the other spirits. Now that I do know the other spirits I can call them at will, and it’s quite nice to now know Sol and his lovely beaches.

I had been requested by several people for healing help, and I wanted to ask for them and my family since we’re all sick. I made these requests – but unfortunately they’re private.

At this point I’m getting quite comfortable with the spirit and really just want to literally soak in the sunshine. Even now it’s the middle of winter and my living room thermostat is 67F and I feel a bit hot. It’s quite nice, if I haven’t said that enough.

Alright Rufus…

I want the solar initiation. I want my spheres purified and filled with the divine light. A nod from the spirit and an affirmation.

Tune in next week for how Solar Initiations Ruined My Life and Why I’m Happier Now. 😉