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Product reviews and quick magical tips from the 0th card of the tarot…

Since I was so incredibly disappointed at the previous app and having to actually re-work the ritual to have some decent meditation, I decided to give a new app a try and step through each one in 15 minute samples. Truth be told, I was bugging my wife last night installing 100 of these on my phone and just playing with them. Binality looked promising. As I’m sitting here, a few things I’ve noticed:

Binality works when the volume is down. That’s the main grouse I’ve had with these other apps, you have to crank the volume up to stupid levels, and then I’m not sure if it was the app itself or just listening to the siren song of the fax machine that was getting me there. Either way, there was little room for actual meditation and listening to the spirits when the stupid volume is cranked.

Binality also provides us with a sound we all know – the Tibetan singing bowl. I sent the authors an email asking them if it was intentional and I haven’t heard back yet, but if you’ve been in any groups where they listening to the singing bowl to get to the meditative state, this is going to be a familiar noise to you. The sound wanders around as each bowl rings, is stroked, rings, fades, etc. It’s really the whole low tech version of the binaural beat thing. That being said, I still find it hard to meditate over the noise, but this is a step in the right direction.

The relaxation preset seems to work best for me. Listen, get relaxed! The Out of Body Experience doesn’t work for me at all and actually makes me feel a bit sick. Strangely enough these guys also seem to know something about meditation, because their timing for the state transitions reflect my own notes. You won’t go to ‘theta’ state without starting out in ‘alpha’ and working down, and the working down takes roughly the same amount of time it takes me to work down without the audio. The real win is going to be when I can’t get my brain to stop running around and still want to magic, I can see this app coming in real handy.

The other app worth mentioning is Theta. It does one thing and it does it extremely well for me – it opens my crown chakra in three minutes flat. This isn’t always a good thing. Don’t do this at the office. Don’t do this without your banishing ritual. Don’t listen to it casually or it will lose it’s effectiveness. And most importantly, do keep the volume down…

Theta doesn’t provide any way to put on background music while binality will run in the background, so you can run it with lightning bug. Some theatre is better than none at all.