Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC. Yup I changed the bookending back and I like it more this way.

The environment was the moon, but as though the moon were the entire sky. Like we were inside the moon looking out.

The spirit and me mostly talked about professional work, which I don’t want to discuss on the blog. On the other hand when I asked the spirit to show me the sun and fill my sphere, we actually went inside a tunnel to the heart of the moon and observed a small mini sun powering the moon. I asked the normal “Show me something it’s not obvious you govern” and I was shown a glass of water with a vibration creating a standing wave (the moon governs harmonics). Similarly when I poked a few more times with the same question I was shown a ceiling fan (which paradoxically chops the air at interval to produce a wave) and I was shown a helicopter. Luna’s appearance this time around was an older woman, whispy and transparent. I got the sense during talking about professional directions we would be having tea in the black-and-white glass room.

I wanted to try mixing it up a little bit here. Stenwick had commented he has some devil device which he swears enhances scrying ability. You might be wondering why a guy who has a modicum of scrying ability would want a program to enhance scrying ability…  The answer is that it takes me typically an hour each day to produce a good vision once I’m actually in contact with the spirit. Yup, each of these blog posts typically represents at least 45 minutes, and usually is closer to an hour. I decided to give Binaural Beats Therapy a try. It doesn’t seem to work terribly well, unfortunately. It mostly produced geometric visions once I found the groove, which was a little weird. I ended up taking off the headphones and just scrying normally after about 20 minutes of self abuse. I tried the Self Hypnosis track figuring it was closest to what I was interested in. The other tracks seem to be more of the same and don’t really get me into it. It was a fight to vibrate the divine name and really didn’t do much for me. The forums indicate about the same, it’s a bit of a disappointment to be reading about people with no practical, firsthand experience in meditation trying to actually get into the groove with a cell phone app. I think the fact that I had to actually turn it off to produce visions in my own magical environment is a testament. I could contribute development time, but “greenman” seems more interested in drawing pictures than magic. Also the forum is overrun with spam.

Tomorrow I’ll use Binality and see if it produces any significantly different results. If it’s more of the same I’ll probably drop this course of exploration and go back to straight meditation.

Update: Scott was kind enough to send me a link – He uses this device. He says after 10 minutes he’s good to go. It apparently produces some sort of “alpha/theta” waves. I’ll have to actually dig in and see if I can produce this with a cellphone. It seems a bit big to be lugging around.