My wife sent me back upstairs to try to talk to Mars again, she wanted to know what she was doing wrong that she wasn’t having the depth of vision that I was. I’ve been working on this for two years, I don’t expect people to have it.

Anyway, I re-open the temple and try to get back in the spirit vision again. This is always easier the second time around, for whatever reason. I apprehend the spirit quickly, it tests well by signs.

However, back in the realm the spirit’s sword is chipped and dulled now. The spirit is looking at the sword, it looks almost like it’s made of concrete now instead of flashing metal.

There’s a flock of bird here, a giant confused squawking flock of birds, all black. Now all the birds have a worm. They eat the worm. All the birds are looking around expectantly but not really doing anything except hopping around. Finally one last large worm pokes up out of the ground. Despite the entire flocks effort, they cannot pick up or pull the worm from the ground. The spirit laughs.

Why can’t my wife have the same visions I do? “Her circle is different from your circle.”

No Pentagrams for her? “No, she needs to cut a circle how she is accustomed.”

What should she be doing? “Did we not just get her a job?” (She just had two interviews). 

OK but give me a formula? “Have her create a space with her own tools, then she must understand the space is clean and invite us in. The meeting is in the middle, as much as she gives us form, she shall receive our form.”

This is one of the “learning to ride a bikes” in magic. There’s a really fine line between receiving things and active imagination. I generally think either forcing the spirit to say something or being able to forcing a form on the spirit are the two marks of imagination. I think being able to test a spirit by signs and a sense of “otherness” about a spirit is the hallmark of evocation. Getting onto that highwire is hard. Once you recognize how it works and how it feels, it’s much easier. I attempted to get my wife to use the cellphone application, but it did nothing for her.