It sounds hokey but I used BrainFreq’s Theta. I hit the meditation stride immediately. In fact, right when it cut out (10 minute mark) was right when I felt like I got a good grasp of the spirit which tested well by signs.

Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC. Put on the incense (tobacco, cumin, turmeric, dragonsblood and it’s really good) and put on Theta.

I first saw a giant tree, with a fort on top of it. It was almost like an entire fortified base was in the tree. This tree was huge.

Show me something it’s not obvious you govern. I saw a steel bridge (like in Pittsburg) spanning a giant river. As hard as the water pressed against the bridge, it still stood despite the water, the weather, and hundreds of people walking across it.

Mars? A giant, bearded, celtic man wearing roman style armor. He’s sharpening his sword. It looked like a giant, seven-foot tall version of Gimli with better armor. As I watched the spirit looked at me, nodded, and then I realized he was getting ready for a fight. We went to a forest, with smaller trees around, and it had a clearing in the middle. A great yelling was heard, and the two forces, which looked identical to me, clashed. Swords, blood, horses, and yelling everywhere! A great battle. Strangely enough when the battle was over, both sides shook hands. The battle was merely for sport, despite how real it looked. We went back to the tree fort.

Do you have a message for me? You can have anything, if you’re willing to take it. I am the spirit of competition and won fortunes. (An image of a trophy, a giant prize belt).

Do you think America is headed for another civil war? No.

What’s all this talk about guns still in the media? “We talk about things as though they have will. Did the staff of Moses have a will? No, he had to change it into a snake. A snake as will, but a rood (‘reed’, ‘rod’?) does not. Does this sword have will? (The spirit tossed a sword onto the table). It does not!”

I asked for a solar initiation, can I receive the power into my sphere? The spirit picked up my astral self and tossed it off a cliff. Down and down I went, through a flaming ring, floating on the sea. I hit the water and continued downward. I eventually became buoyant and floated back up. The surface of the land was all fire, the woods were burning, as though a wall of flame. The floating burning raft offered no handhold, but I was able to will myself back up onto the land, through the fire, and back to the fort. Passing through the fire warmed my heart chakra.

How come you appear different now? “I assume the form which is on the altar.” I assume this is because we changed up the incense a bit and my wife insisted on putting rocks on the altar instead of holding them in her hand.