Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC. Left the temple so my wife could try to scry. She reported she didn’t get any visuals. She also didn’t test her spirits, so it’s a crap shoot.

In spirit vision, I see a giant brassy disk hanging out in space. Around the edge of the disk is a library. Giant bookshelves of an impossible height. Hanging out on the disk and looking around, Thoth comes to me. Testing the spirit by signs, the Thoth goes away. The thoth comes back. Wait, what? Testing by the sign of the spirit has worked in the past…

I test the spirit again, and Thoth goes away. And comes back. Hmmm…

I test the spirit by LVX signs, and the spirit goes away. The library comes in strongly, and even more vividly. Around the corner comes a perfectly average man, slightly portly, wearing a green sweater and black pants, and sandals. He’s got a beard, and appears about mid-thirties.

Mercury? “In the flesh!” (Oh my spirits are comedians now)…

Spirit tests well by both signs of mercury and LVX.

I ask about my job, since communication is a huge part of it working in IT. He says I’m already in a good position to work in the company and my team doesn’t have a problem with communications amongst themselves. Even the one boat anchor is making an effort to communicate but he’s really unhappy. My boss isn’t apathetic but overwhelmed and has decided not to talk to us about his issue.

OK but can you encourage communication? “Yes. However to do so cuts off the path of promotion for other members.” This is actually the first time a spirit has told me something is a bad idea, so I took it to mean it was a really bad idea. 

Uh lets not do that. “OK”.

I asked for a solar initiation here, I want my mercury sphere cleaned out and filled with the proper power. Rather an express any affirmation, the brass disk the library sat on which was previously floating through space now rested on a lake of orange fire.

A bit of backstory here so readers will understand the next part. My wife’s car died with transmission problems. I’m pretty handy with a wrench but automatic transmissions are a magic even I don’t want to mess with.  My mother lent us the van (they have five cars for three drivers in their house), but won’t sell it to us. Apparently she’s developed weird attachments to things, and picked a huge fight with my Dad over lending us the van, which she… consented to lend us in the first place? It’s been an incredibly confusing topic. We need the van situation sorted out.

“Well, your mother isn’t unhappy you’re taking the van, she’s unhappy your father offered up her van to you without asking”. (Her name is on the title). “She is mourning the van”. (Which is a bizarre idea but OK). “Once she’s spoken her heart to your father she can let the van go.”

OK are we talking a week? A month? Can we do this weekend?

“Ask her about it tomorrow, it’s possible she will be ready this weekend.” It’s not a concrete answer but fine. “Emphasize that the van will live longer if you care for it and she’s free to use it. Be emotionally supportive”. Not one of my strong suits and frankly this doesn’t make much sense to me since a car doesn’t have personage. I get the impression there’s more at play here than simple communication.

It is the single most bizarre discussion I’ve ever had to have with a God. At least this isn’t like the Goetia where the spirit would propose a heart attack or cataracts as a solution – if they even ran it by me first.

Show me something it’s not obvious you govern. At first I’m shown whales, and ‘see’ the sound they make. Then I saw a wire, making a noise, as a sine wave moves down it. Two tin cans and string. Either this means resonance or frequency. I see a sine wave, but we hear a whale song. Or telephone call. That sign wave, moving in place forever, enables communication.

Alright how are we going to help my wife perceive the spirits? “Well, she’s emotional and frustrated and frankly its not going to happen. Take this and bless her with it.” The spirit holds out it’s hands and a device as though a series of lenses is presented. There are 7-ish lenses, and they all rotate around their own orbits as planets do on a spindle. They align, one at a time, then all together. It’s a model of the universe in victorian microscope land.

Uhm, what? “Third eye glasses.”

So when I went downstairs I told my wife I was going to bless her, and imagined putting the “third eye glasses” in her head. She was not amused.