So I finally made some good contact with Sol/Apollo.  He tested well with signs of the sun.  He came to me repeatedly as a huge Lion.  I was like what the hell is with this Lion?  I want Apollo.  Finally, the figure became a dark haired man in the roman style dressed in a white toga with gold border.  He had gold-dipped laurel leaves on his head.  I said “I always pegged you for a blonde”.  He said “Oh you want blonde?” And immediately turned blonde with a smirk on his face.  I snickered.  I asked him to take my hand and show me around.  I saw to my right a white marble wall with a low altar on the floor.  The altar and wall were covered in gold objects and art.  The floor was white marble.  In front of us were white marble pillars with a few pillars on the right and left.  Through the pillars I saw a blazing huge sun, complete with solar flares, just melting into the horizon as if the planet we were on was falling into the sun.  Towards the front right I saw green grass and orange trees bursting with citrus fruits.  To the front left was a waterfall gleaming in the sunlight with it’s water leading out to sea.  When I asked what he governs that I would not know he showed me a forge.  I was like what the hell?  You are not Hephaestus, god of the forge, so what gives?  Then he showed me the crucible hanging over the forge.  The crucible turned over and molten orange-yellow liquid poured out and into a mold of a key.  The liquid cooled and then I could see it was made of gold.  I then asked if he could heal my cat.  He said sure.  She is going into renal failure so her kidneys are dying.  I asked him to buy her two more months of life.  Fine.  Then he said she would be in pain.  I asked him to make her pain free.  He said No.  I argued with him and he finally agreed he would try to make her pain free, but no promises.  So I take it she will have some pain from time to time.  She has until April 9th.  I thanked him and leaned back to meditate again.  I

saw a burning Sol emblem, pulsing.  Then I saw a yellow ball of energy behind it.  To the left I could see a much smaller blue energy ball floating away, then a pink ball to my right as well.  Balls everywhere!  What is going on?  I then see a dark haired man with a beard munching away on some roasted chicken, wine, and grapes.  I said “Am I interupting your dinner or something?  What’s with the feasting?”  He grinned and was amused.  I thanked him for his time and let him get back to feasting.