I made a mistake here and didn’t test the spirit, but since a spirit came when using the sign of saturn, this is probably not a big deal. In other news, my crown chakra is getting really worn out and this wasn’t the best idea to do one evocation a day.

I will probably skip the Jupiter rite tonight since my resolution was to do one item of magic a day. Also I plan on conjuring Sol, who is the spirit of all planets as Luna is the manifestation of all planets. (Sol hugs Luna who hugs the Earth in one big cosmic threesome). If I can get ahold of Sol, I can talk to Jupiter, etc.

My wife wanted me to save a cat. Not being a professional resurrectionist, I really wasn’t sure how to go about fixing the cat. The cat is 15 years old, it has kidney failure, and it barely survived the last hurricane to hit NJ. Normally this sort of work says, “Bad idea”. “It’s the nature of the universe, the fate of the cat, the cat will live in pain”. There wasn’t any talking her into it. Aside of the fact that I like the cat and if EXARP spared the house (and the cats), maybe the spirits have something in them to do it again. Who knows. I figured I would give it a shot.

Altar was setup in black, I’m trying to get my wife to see, so I lit a black candle and then two tapers I had previously consecrated behind that. I’m playing psychological games with her to “trick” her into seeing behind the cloth, so I took my tablet PC and figuring we already watch it like a TV, maybe it will make a good shewstone. I powered it off and propped it up against the crystal. I was going to get out a triangle but for this sort of work it seemed inappropriate so I skipped it. My wife cut a circle in her own fashion, then I read the appropriate hymns we use from Planetary Magick. The spirit entered when the myrrh changed over to the crypt smell. I left her to scry. She reported she was too upset for the thing, so she asked me to help.

KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC… This wasn’t really required since the crypt smell was at the edge of the circle and it changed back to myrrh inside the circle. I was pretty sure the spirit was here to begin with.

The stone bowl sense came almost immediately, a vast, large, marble mausoleum space. I made some mental signs of saturn in the appropriate color and the vision sharpened up. The mercury river was there, along with a long boat sort of thing like a kayak the spirit was standing upright in. I thought the spirit was holding a lantern, but then I realized it was a cat. “Oh this is going to be fun” I thought. The spirit is clearly looking at my wife, who doesn’t know she’s on the beach sitting in anasa. However, the cat she’s asking about is sitting next to her, the spirit is holding the orange cat.

The orange cat, Orangy as the neighborhood calls him, is notorious because he’s never around when you’re going into the woods to hunt, but he always seems to bite your kids. The cat is being held by the spirit, so either Orangy is a harbinger of death (likely, as all cats are) or more likely Orangy got himself eaten by something. Either way the cat is being held, or it is hanging out on the boat, the cat won’t make shore. On the other hand my wife’s cat (who lives with her mother) is on the shore, but not really looking so hot. The spirit pokes it further up the shore with it’s staff, which also serves to move the boat back. Orangy is looking at me, the spirit is looking at my wife, then me.

Alright tell me about [my wifes cat]. “That cat is really in pain. Why do you want to do this?”

After the whole bit with the hurricane, my mother in law is getting her house rebuilt, she’s really depressed about the cat. “Yes but the cats time is the cats time. The cat wasn’t happy after the hurricane. [Your mother in law] gave it a wonderful life. Why prolong it?”

How much time do we have? “Well right now would be nice.” (The spirit is getting pissy. It would emote shame if it had a face).

At this point I told my wife it was pretty hopeless. But I did bring up the spirit was taking the orange cat, which made me happy since it wouldn’t bite my kid anymore. (I’m not sure if the spirit is actually taking the orange cat or if the spirit was trying to get across the idea that maybe death is the answer).

She was extremely upset and asked if the spirit could give us more time. (Both of us looking at her). Her: How about eight months? (The spirit is looking at me again, sort of an “I told you so”).


Nope. How about five? Spirit is still giving me a no. Four? “Nope.”

At this point there’s a game I try to play to tease information out of spirits. When talking to them I count up in my head along the list and where my (mental) tongue gets “stuck”, that’s usually the time.

1… 2… 3… “Three” (started at Feb).

1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… “Nine.”

April 9th? (This got an affirmation from the spirit, who is looking sort of weary.)

Alright what’s going to make you happy to lay off the cat? I see a bag of silver coins, black.

Huh? We don’t have silver. I think saw a lead ingot, with the saturn seal on it. The spirit then showed me smelting the lead, pouring it into a wooden bowl (what?) and then a disk came out of the bowl with the saturn seal on it. I don’t think I can safely do that, but I might try…

Oh, before we go, [my friend] needs a paper. The spirit went into the garden, with him and his wife and two kids, and brought them across the boat, with the paper. Of course, this means they’re leaving the garden… Sigh.