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The Venus posts are always going to be edited, hopefully for obvious reasons. šŸ˜‰

Let wife cast her circle, then I KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC… I am trying to split the planetary hours between me and her to practice her seeing. Finally got her over the hump and got her seeing in small doses. Her visions line up with mine for theme, so we’re on the same page at this point. She saw Sol as a lion, for instance, and this is a very solar idea. Tonight we both distinctly smelled mint when the spirit entered and the topics largely converged with the same suggestions when we compared notes. For these planetary operations, the queue the spirit is present seems to be smell and a face in the ball. Why mint? I have no idea. The incense did not have any mint in it since I mixed it up by hand before the ritual.

To that end, we both asked for the improvement of the family amongst other things.

The spirit this time was like Aaliyah from Queen of the Damned, which I will admit to seeing only within the context of my anonymous blog. Unfortunately it tested well by signs, so I’m now hanging out with a vampire, in broad daylight, in Alaska. (Note to self: pickaxe to forehead). We were in Alaska, standing in a green field. The mountains were in the background, there was a valley bottom and a small stream moving through it. The undulating green banners and such continued as a theme, but it was the grasses.

Show me something it’s not obvious you govern. The flowers in the field burst into bloom – giant red blossoms, usually the sort from mothers day (a red daisy). Then they closed as night quickly fell and some sort of nightblooming jasmine opened. Day came again, and snow covered everything. The snow quickly melted and seeds germinated and more flowers grew. I’m guessing it’s germinations from seeds in the earth.

Asked to meet the Angel of the realm, and I did. Again in the whispy, conceptual version of the realm rather than the field of flowers. The Angel is more than willing to fill my sphere with the power of Venus. Note that Venus herself seems to be for operations in the sphere and the Angel of the sphere is the one with the power. Also it seems to prevent my crown chakra from getting burned out to query the Angel along with the Intelligence of the sphere.

Also asked for a glamour, although I was told Levenah was moreĀ appropriateĀ for that. Getting towards middle aged and two kids, every little bit helps, right?