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What a wreck, I was going to go the Gnostic Mass, performed by our local OTO chapter. I got stuck in traffic and it took me over an hour to drive the 15 mile loop from my house to where I gave up. Being slightly in bojangles…

Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC. Totally botched the things like the archangel positions, etc. Still managed to get sort of a circle thrown out there, seemed adequate.

Ended up in the giant marble room I associate with Saturn now. We’re at the lip of a bowl, and the mercury waterfall is flowing over the edge to nothingness.

OK so what’s this about? A boat with a notion of a shell of a body falls over the edge. “This is where things go when we don’t need them here anymore.” There’s a pinprick of light all the way down. And what happens down there? “Things return to the false sphere. The false sphere is filled with wonderment, but it’s the discards of creation. From there things return to nothingness in the source of all things.” Yes, this is apparently a contradictory statement. Apparently Daath is filled with etheric cast offs. Saturn gets the relatively unglamorous job of guiding the things into the abyss. Curiously, this would also mean that Saturn is connected to Daath.

Show me something it’s not obvious you govern. Saturn is getting progressively more grotesque. The reaper is in front of what I can only assume is an abortion clinic. As each woman (who looked like a puppet on a conveyor belt, honestly) entered, the spirit plucked the little spark of life (golden yellow light) out of the puppet-woman. They picked up their pills and went out the back of the building. Curiously, the women themselves did not possess the spark of life, but rather sort of dimly glowed like a dirty light bulb in a suffuse fashion. OK cute, where are we? “Europe”. Sigh. The little soul things lived in a wicker basket, which she brought into the garden and placed at the base of the tree. They became lighter and ascended.

Where’s the garden? Suddenly the lip of the bowl, the reaper, and the mercury sea turn into a lush plain, a waterfall which appears to go into a jungle, and the Holy Mother. “The garden is always here, we just have to see it.” Conceptually it didn’t seem particularly weird to have the abyss go away.

OK and the cat? The cat is here nuzzling my leg in spiritual form. Astrally picking up the cat gives me a strong, almost black hole like pull towards the spirit. The cat feels like if I let it go it would fly across the waterfall. I ask the spirit for more time. The spirit shakes its head and “a deal is a deal.” Well, maybe a deal isn’t a deal…

I intone Tzaphkiel. The garden loses form and stops in time, into astral wispy-ness, and the archangel appears as an obelisk of metal with four wings. The patchouli and myrrh incense turns into something sweet and floral. I’m quickly coming to terms with the idea that astral smells announce things like the presence of archangels and the circle.

The spirit gave me until April 9th for this cat, I want you to break the pull the spirit has. This is really a bad gambit, if the Archangel doesn’t want to play ball it’s either approach God himself (not going to happen) or make a deal all over again. At least that was my thought, I’m coming to terms with my spiritual authority and starting to wonder if the whole problem with magic is you’re given plenty of spiritual rope to hang your spiritual self. I can see how people have rumors of monsters with this stuff. The Archangel moves between me and Saturn and shields us with it’s wings. The magnetic link is greatly reduced.

Well, show me around! We first fly all the way down to Daath. It starts out looking like white brilliance, then I quickly realize it’s actually an all consuming fire. We don’t linger here long at all before we fly up up up. I’m fairly sure we visited the first heaven, or a place that wasn’t the garden. The garden itself has a giant tree in the middle, which looks like Yggdrasil. The branches poke up. The garden is for people who don’t seem to want to interact with the higher creator. There’s another angel there with three wings and three interlocked wheels which are spinning. The wheels are brilliant gold with jewels along them. It emits an incredible light. The one archangel says to the other EL EF POAMAL (“first visit us (in the) palace”). Yes this is a tip to start working with the Enochian stuff again, which apparently hangs out above saturn. My grandparents are here, as is my neighbor who is playing chess with a spirit unseen. She died of brain cancer.

I am vaguely disturbed by this. My mental model is we ascend into heaven and we re-unite with the source of all things. I fully expect when I die to return to the source and lose my individuality. I’m starting to think there’s a place for people who are content to have an afterlife and a place for people who are more interested in being closer to God. Actually in real post vision analysis, I think that I’m looking at the Enochian Aethyrs. A better question people in the know – Are the aethyrs “above” the tree? Are the aethyrs a member of the tree? Perhaps as we desire to get closer to God, we lose some of that individuality and we literally cast off that portion of us as we move up the Aethyr. It’s not to say that the people in the Garden are somehow not being close to God. I strongly suspect like a ladder we can move up and down. This would also explain why there were no Angels in the Garden aside of the Holy Mother. As per usual, “I am perplexed”. The particular aethyr/Heaven of Saturn had a lot of jeweled things in it, if that helps anyone speculate. A more experienced magician than myself would have had the presence of mind to ask where the heck we were and if I had slipped out of the sphere.

We returned to a whispy version of the garden, but this time the trees had candied jewels in them. Oh, can you get my buddies paper? “It will be done”

Thanks I really appreciate it. Fill me with your power and cleanse my sphere. A nod.

Now on a particularly weird note – normally this process takes at least half an hour, I was gone only 20 minutes in meditation and felt I had to take a break to write all this down. Also talking to the archangels is a lot easier on my crown chakra than just discussing this with angels. When I say “crown chakra” I mean “a place in my head”, I don’t actually do chakra work. Also I don’t hate Europe, nor do I really know why the spirit reminded me of something she obviously would govern. This one was sort of unbalanced, and I think it has to do with screwing up the opening ritual. The pentagram ritual does more than banish spirits.