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This post is a bit short, I apologize, I helped my wife with divination after the ritual but before we closed the temple and it took a bit of time.

What a week.

The cat is dead, and I wanted answers. KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC. Vibrated the divine name, but then vibrated MI-CHAI-EL to skip the Sun and talk straight to He Who Is Like God.

The Angel made out of spinning, jeweled wheels showed up. Tested well by signs. Unfortunately talking to a spinning, golden, winged, jeweled wheel was just a bit weird so I asked it to take on a more favorable form. It became the bronze man.

Tell me about my solar initiation. “You had a consistent philosophy to begin with, so it’s not as bumpy as some people who might be more rough around the edges. There’s still going to be some speed bumps.” Well, so long as it doesn’t threaten my job. “It won’t”. Good, can you help me become kingly amongst my colleagues?  “Yes.”

Why did the cat pass? “Someone didn’t feed her over the weekend. When the house flooded the water came up over the food bowl.” A vision of the chemicals under the sink getting into the water and then getting into the food. The one cat did not eat, and did not get poisoned. The other cat (the one who passed away) was so scared she didn’t eat as the storm was approaching and started to starve. She ate the food even though she knew she shouldn’t. Then the vet or vet assistant didn’t keep up with her over the weekend as well as she should.

Frankly I came into this expecting to point fingers, now I find it a lot harder to lay blame. No-one got out of the hurricane scott free. I also am weirdly empathetic to the animals in this vision, this is something which normally isn’t me.

But I commanded the angel, what did I do wrong? “First come to me, and use my name. Then also use the name of the Tetragrammaton. You have the authority, but it is not yet complete.” This could mean that I still have stuff to work out, or it might mean that since I don’t live in the highest levels of existence, I need a little help getting over the hump to command spirits. We did seriously argue with the spirit who gave us a straight answer the first time. It was only after we broke its figurative arm into compliance that we got an answer other than “no”.

Show me something it’s not obvious you govern. I saw a yantra with two golden wires passing through the center of it. The energy flowed through the wires, through the middle of the yantra, and out the other side. While a complex vision, a yantra reveals cosmic truths, and this is what the sun does. Maybe I should start wearing a yantra though or keep one in the office. It tends to raise less eyebrows than heptagrams or woodburned triangles of the art. If I do make a necklace or something out of this, I will be sure to run the chain through the middle of the yantra.

What should I be looking to fix in my life? “Spend more time with your kids.” Honestly we haven’t gone out as a family in forever except to the local burger joint, and the playground is outside. It’s likely my kids could use some run around time.

At this point my wife wasn’t quite done meditating but I had the answers I wanted. I got the magical formula to try to use to exert a bit more spiritual authority, and I found out what happened to the cat. I decided to look around. While sort of interesting in terms of strangeness, looking straight up reveled Agrippa’s Sun Seal. This was a neat idea since it’s actually not on the altar but was neat to see in the heavens.