I decided to skip Luna and talk straight to the Archangel. The whole intelligence of the planet thing has been wearing me down, but calling on the archangels conversely seems to leave me refreshed.

Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC. Barely caught the planetary hour, I’m one of the people who thinks if you can get the temple running in the planetary hour you’re OK.

Almost immediately I distinctly heard wings outside the window. The effect was so disturbing I actually pulled the curtains aside to go look out the window. It’s not uncommon to have hawks or vultures outside depending on the day and what’s going on in the woods. There were no animals outside, the weather was still and wet per the usual this time of year. I settled back down to meditate.

A stereotypical image of Gabriel appeared, in a blue robe, holding the teacup of the moon.  I tested it by signs, it tested well. The incense seemed to change from clove and juniper to cedar.

Show me something it’s not obvious you govern. I saw trains, then planes, and cars, and trucks. The illusion of difference. Show me the moon. I saw a shining city sitting in the boundary between the light and dark side. As the sun (really the Earth) set, the offices and suits turned into nightclubs and short skirts. Duality.

I wanted to try some moon magic here, so I picked some traditionally moon-ee tasks, and some less traditional things. Using the formula I learned previously, I called up Michael, who appeared in the heavens, and the Tetragrammaton who enflamed the sky like the Sun. A ball of brilliance. I asked the moon to help me lose some weight, and become more attractive. While one is clearly a glamour, the other one is actually the manifest of that glamour.

The second thing I wanted to ask was to learn more about magic. Almost unbidden, the idea of the Mansions of the Moon popped into my head. I don’t own a copy of the picatrix, and it’s something I previously hadn’t considered in a ceremonial setting. Actually the most I paid it service was “is it waxing or waning”?

Now, interestingly enough, my wife also said she had a vision where she described the floor of her moon room as having the zodiac on the outside of it in a ring. If this isn’t a giant “HEY LOOK OVER HERE” I don’t know what is. I’m open to suggestions from the readers if there’s a decent book on it or if I should just invoke the mansions of the moon similar to how I’m presently doing my operations.

Any tips on invoking the mansions of the moon? That seems to be the next step.