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Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC.

Two things I learned in a hurry – The Abenragel spirits are the correct spirits, Agrippa transposed the names (I hate magical blinds) and the first spirit is the goetic version of the spirit. I really wish someone tipped me off to this before I summoned it, the room itself had a weird scurrying sound like someone kept pushing papers around and I am covered in what I can only explain as little flea bites. Why am I covered in little flea bites? Because I used the LIRP like a damn fool with unknown spirits. Yup, just talked to my wife, I’m covered in “little flea bites or pimples”. Oh the fun of magic.

I fired up Theta again to try to get me to the magical state because I’ve had a hell of a day at work the last three days. Meditated. I did not detect a spirit entering the room but rather the visions came on fairly quickly. I saw in black and white a fat, wide faced man in a giant brimmed hat much like a mediaeval merchant. I tested it by sign and suddenly I was aware of a lush green landscape with a castle on a hill and a town behind him. He continued to wear black, and his face was ashen. I then realized he had a chessboard. He moved a piece with a crooked stick. Obliging him, I moved my queen up the column and checked his king. He gave me a nod. The chessboard vanished and I realized he had a serpent for a tail.

At this point a wagon came by, and he reached over and broke the wheel. A road appeared, and he made potholes in it. A horse threw his horseshoe. A man was walking in boots and the sole of his boot gave out. A car drove by and got a flat tire. OK, this spirit as Al Sharatain seems to govern transportation, and it also seems to govern unfortunate aspects of transportation. Now if we read the business attributed to the spirit from the manuscript, we see:

Good for taking medicines, pasturing livestock, making journey, except second hour.

OK but I didn’t see anything related to medicine, I did observe livestock, and I did observe a journey. On the other hand, he’s supposed to be good for these things. Remembering my Bardon, the name of Bardon’s spirit is Ebvap, which seems weirdly Enochian to me. This didn’t really fit the whole arabic vibe. I looked at the spirit and said You’re supposed to be fortunate, why all this? “My brother is fortunate”.

Not the first time I’ve had a spirit dick around with me, the Goetia loves this stuff.

Give me your brothers name. “Nantabs”. I rolled this around in my head for a bit, and briefly considered calling out Michael and the Tetragrammaton. Finally I decided to guess – Naitaras? The spirit changed from a man in black to a man in white garb, very similar, a lively face and in possession of two legs. As though the vision was before, the new spirit filled in potholes, put a wheel on a wagon, shoed a horse, and put a tire on the car. The landscape also changed to be decidedly moony.

Swear to me you will come when called and be obedient. Both spirits sort of looked at me. I vibrated Michael and the Tetragrammaton and the Sun appeared in the sky with an Angel holding a sword. The black spirit looked terrified, the white spirit smiled. The black spirit held up it’s hand and swore, the white spirit did the same. “I swear it” both answered. I thanked the spirits and gave them license to depart.

Now, once they left, I “closed” the temple. I turned on my computer and printer, and the computer made an incredible scraping noise. At the same time I was closing the temple, I distinctly heard someone walking in the attic. Oh here we go. 

I closed by KC, LBRP, LBRH, KC and burning some sage. I’m not going to put up with the goetic sideshow horseshit this year with the kids. That being said if tomorrow’s evocation goes about the same, I’m going to get back out my triangle and knife. At least now I have a map of the spirits per relevant ritual and I know they have a bright side and a dark side, both of which I can subdue using the Angel.