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My wife did all the work, so I just did mop up. She’s getting enough back now that she’s sort of learned to see that she can cast a decent circle and get the spirit. I’ve been continuing my lazy habit of just calling up the Angel, trying to get Michael and the Tetragrammaton to fill my sphere with the Angel’s blessing, and making my requests. We’re still screwed on money because of the unemployment situation.

Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC, vibrated the Angels name until I was in the realm of Jupiter and saw the Angel. Tzadkiel has thankfully looked a lot less cat-like recently and was more Bob Ross today.

Specifically – My wife says she’s going to get $27/hr, I really would like $29/hr.

 “It might be $27/hr, but they could offer more”

Well we need more, we’ve gone several pay periods with no supplemental income and the job still isn’t nailed down. We need to make up the money we don’t have also.

“Well, it’s really going to be closer to $27”.

At this point I had no reason to doubt the spirit, but I wanted more. Since I had already vibrated Michael and the Tetragrammaton to get the fire of the sphere flowing in me, I vibrated again and they quickly appeared. $29, and give me it in writing.

The spirit at this point took out a piece of paper, and laid it on a table identical to the altar I hadn’t noticed before. He drew sort of a stylized seal of Jupiter in bright yellow ink on it and held it up. I really quickly grabbed an actual piece of paper and scribbled out the seal in the vision. “Keep the candle on it, and I will work it over”. Taking the spirit at it’s word now, it’s sitting on top of my bureau high enough the kids won’t get it on top of the seal as directed. We will see how this goes.

In other news, there’s so much incense in the air I’m worried I won’t be able to get the moon done tonight.