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Opened by KC, LBRP, LBRH, KC. If you’ve been following the planetary stuff at home, you will notice the banishing forms are used. If you’re a fan of Stenwick, you will see the banishing is done as a “full shutdown” banishing, wereby I harden my astral as much as possible to get ahold of the spirits and then call them up.

The goetic sideshow started early, I distinctly heard a rapping on the wall behind me. The wall behind me is shared with the bathroom, so there was no-one in it since the kids use the potty and it’s way late. I also heard the bookshelf in the room make a noise as though someone was rummaging through the books.

In spirit vision, which tested well by signs, I am surrounded by water. I am on my own little tuft of land. My playing-card moon spirit is here, first the goetic version (Butain), in black, and he has black tentacles under him. His hat is different.

You guys all look the same? The spirit rifled through a rack of clothes until it picked out a jacket with a small cape and mediaeval style pants. The pants were blossomed at the bottom, and then ended in short socks and squarish shoes. As the spirit put on the pants it became a man in black – the tentacle bits went away. The cap it wore had a very distinctive feather in it, almost comically huge.

The spirit then took out the familiar crooked rod used in the chess game and attempted to cross the water with it. It got halfway there and wilted into ash, which fell into the water. The spirit looked displeased.

Does the brother thing work? I vibrated the name “Naitub”, and sure enough, the white version appeared. A note here – I have no idea if I have two versions of the same goetic spirit, or if this is even standard canon. I just try stuff, sometimes it works. The white spirit was as the black spirit in every way except he was wearing white. The landscape remained the same.

Al Butain, show me your office. The spirit produced a king (I’m looking at a bicycle deck of cards, I’ve come to realize) and snuck up behind him. He slit his throat. The blood fell into a plowed field. As the blood fell, the body decomposed, and the field became blacker. Even the bones themselves went into the dirt. The ground sprouted forth with a great many seedlings. These matured into barley, and the crown bundled the barley together in a conical sheaf.

Naitub, show me your office. Naitub reached into the sheaf, and pulled the crown. The king came out of the sheaf, wearing the crown, and the sheaf of barely looked as though it tucked itself into his coat and became his flesh and clothes. The king looked younger and less distressed and quite alive.

Comparing these notes to Abenragel, the spirits are:

Good for sowing, and making journeys. Bad for marriage, buying slaves, and for boats and prisoners similar to Alnath.

I saw nothing of making journeys, but the king could have easily been a slave or prisoner. Similarly, I saw the garden the kings blood was spilled in, and it appeared to grow well. Perhaps the king also represents labor – literally putting your blood into something.

Not taking chances, I called on Michael and the Tetragrammaton. I made them both swear to be obedient.

Now, Butain, I want my wife to not have any competition for the position she desires. Naitub, I want my wife to be attractive to the position she desires, and be favored by her manager. Both of you – I want our garden to grow well this year. Both spirits understood.

Banished with KC, LBRP, LBRH, KC.