This vision was so radically different it needs a hat-tip to Polyphanes. We discussed the whole HGA thing and I took his word to ask the HGA (still Michael/Tetragrammaton) to “prepare a place” for the spirit. I opened the KC, LBRP, LBRH, KC and called up Michael and the Sun. We hung out in my normal temple space, which is really just a clean space with a floor made of stone. It’s kept wholly unremarkable because long ago I got worried about it coloring my visions. I asked them to prepare a space and we ended up back in the empty field, with the town on the hill, and my normal watery moat was present but it boiled after I asked them to prepare it.

I called up the spirit and I was taken to a bar in an old stone, English building. It was dark and the walls were made of a reddish brick, torches and lamps lit everything. The time the vision was in color, and no goetia sideshow. I strongly suspect my first two points of contact were false. Everything tested well by signs. “Sitting down” at the table with the spirit resulted in a thin, shimmering silver circle surrounding me where it passed into things. The spirit was absolutely jolly and welcoming, he wore a brown coat and a bald head with a thin ring of hair on it and he had bags and bags of silver and gold which he counted. The spirit acknowledged me first, which tends to weird me out a bit.

“Hi there!” Oh well hello!

“I do actually govern commerce. See my bags of gold!” As I watched, he loaded more gold chests onto the back of a wagon, effortlessly. He then walked along the bar and picked up all the coin laying on it and bundled it up into a giant nugget, which went into another chest. “I govern both commerce and the transportation of money.” The horses moves down the road, straining under the intense weight of the gold and silver, and pulled into a Wells Fargo. (I had no idea they parked horses).

OK so what’s the difference between you and Jupiter? “Jupiter does the big things, I am the kid on the street.” Sure enough, a vision of the kid selling shoes downtown. Another child selling water bottles from a cooler in stopped traffic in my local cities summer. We also followed along behind a man in a Muslim cap, he sells DVDs from bollywood and bootlegs made from cameras hidden in people’s purses.

Do you have a brother? “I’m it.”

OK what’s with the first two? “The first two days of the moon are the most abstract moon. They are the intelligences(?) and the forms(?) of the moon. They are different.” The spirit was trying to give me a concept, but I missed it. I suspect there’s two things going on here. Abenragel’s work is probably more correct than Agrippa’s, but neither one of them has the whole story. I suspect that the first two spirits are something like the “essence of the moon” and “the intelligence of the moon”, but given how drastically different this particular vision is, either I’m coloring it or the first two spirits were false spirits. It’s happened before, I plan on asking on Sunday what the heck it is.

Also as I watched him move around in the pub, he would sometimes take a gold coin and it would become two gold coins. Is it counterfeit? “No.” The spirit can then either help with tips, or perhaps alchemy.

I tried reversing the name and it had no effect. The spirit did bring me beer and prompted me to drink it, I cautiously accepted. Some warming of the heart chakra. “it is my blessing”.

I thanked the spirit, and Michael and Tetragrammaton for preparing the place and hosting me so graciously. Frankly, after the first two, I am a bit embarrassed.