Opened by KC, LBRP, LBRP, KC

A very small touch of the goetic sideshow – noises from the closet and a very low voice talking sometimes outside the window in a whisper. This subsided quickly.

Asked Michael/Tetragrammaton (He’s wearing brilliant gold robes) to prepare a place for the spirit. I physically felt the space hollow out. The spirit came quickly. Once again, the spirit was in color. This method of calling spirits seems to have caused great improvement in the visions.

I’m hanging out in the field, with my gossamer circle surrounding me (sometimes it’s not a moat), and I suddenly realized I was the wrong scale. The spirit was huge. The spirit looks as though she’s an arabic woman, wearing something between a hijab and a nun’s robes. It’s blue, slightly shimmering. With every step she takes across the land, cities spring up in her footsteps. Buildings appear out of nothing and build themselves up like plants, organic, but steel for stems and glass for leaves.

Show me my job. I’m constantly curious about the skyscraper. We fly (or she walks) to the skyscraper. I see the jolly-rancher-red column, but it becomes many columns. Similarly, I see the building unbuild itself and rebuild itself several times. If you recall previous blog posts, I know something is on the roof of the building, but I can’t find out what. There’s several somethings there now, they seem to be crosses people have drawn on beams, but there’s a christmas tree standing up on one of the beams also. It’s weirdly specific enough I think I could probably ask building engineering for a comment now.

What else do you govern? I see how plants grow. I see an anthill, and the ants are digging things. I see a spider digging out a nest, then spinning silk into it. I see a web being made and unmade. I see several buildings come and go. Sometimes they grow organically, sometimes the wood itself stands up, then rod is twisted into a screw, then screwed into the wood, and so it goes.

Now, something neat happened. Once I got the message (to the amusement of the spirit), I saw the project car in the garage make and unmake itself, I saw the shotglass cabinet I built making and unmaking itself, I saw several computers I had built do the same. Clearly this spirit knows I’m making and unmaking this stuff, and this spirit is here to help. This would be a good spirit (or day) to build something or tear it down.

Right when I had that thought, I hopped out of my astral body. This was bizarre. If I leave my physical body, then I leave my astral body, where am I? Or maybe it wasn’t me, maybe it was a shell of me. The spirit changed the bodies clothes several times, it might be possible to use the spirit for glamours and similar. I popped back in.

I thanked the spirit for its time and closed.