Opened by KC, LBRP, LBRH, KC. Normally when I KC, I see a diffuse, white, light as though brilliant sun through clouds. Today it was the moon, clear as day above my head, close enough to touch.

No real goetia sideshow, I’m still not sure why this comes up or not. The heat came on while I was ‘getting there’ and actually scared me more than it should. Perhaps it’s a sign to tone it down. Maybe it’s a sign I need to LBRP more.

I vibrated “Al Hak Ah” for about 10 minutes. Couldn’t get anything. I called on Michael and Tetragrammaton (which I plan on trying to use to get my HGA later to replace him if it is so willed) to prepare a space. Michael sort of looked at me expectantly. A shining, happy face, brilliant gold. Vibrated “Al Hak Ah” again for 10 minutes. No spirit. I did get a visualization of three gears spinning but unmeshed. I started to think I was getting DuQuette’s monkey with the stones. Huh?

I grabbed my Nook of Shadows and looked up the spirit names. Unlike some of the other Mansions, this one has a fairly specific name. Agrippa uses “Alchataya”. I vibrated “Al Ha Ta Yah” and found myself in my townships library. Now we’re getting somewhere! I made the sign of the moon and the library went from modern to old, very old. The smell of paper and books overtook me. In the corner, working in an alcove, was a man dressed as a monk. He’s reading off a scroll, and then he writes on a scroll. And forward and back and forward and back. Usually if this is a vision to illustrate something, it will come and go. I realized I was actually watching the spirit do something. I astrally cleared my throat. The spirit ignored me. I asked Are you Al Hak’ah?

“Yes”, but the spirit went back to writing. Why are you writing? The spirit ignored me. What are you writing? No answer, he just keeps on doing it.

I vibrated Michael and the Tetragrammaton, I wasn’t really happy with the spirit using my space and ignoring me. I asked them to get the spirit to speak plainly to me. Michael rattles his sword. (Sigh…)

What are you doing? “I am studying. I govern all things related to study. I govern writing, and research.”

How come you’re ignoring me? “You’re not well prepared for this.” (I just ate dinner. This 100% screws me every time I eat right before magic – I find I need to lay off for at least an hour, but longer is better).

Can you help me find the books I want? “Yes.”

Can you help my wife get through nursing school and have the concentration for her job? “Yes. She needs to devote time to hitting the book.”

Which book? “She has a book for her job she hasn’t been reading.” (Mental note – ask if she’s been reading the book).

How is [name]? “She spent all night reading the books you gave her.” I actually broke my meditation laughing at this idea of her asleep in front of the PC. She had recently gotten fed up with ‘fluffy bunny wicca’ and wanted to try some sorcery. I sent her a few PDFs and links and youtubes. If it’s true, it’s devotion.

Thanks for taking the time to speak to me. The spirit turned back to the desk.