Pulled some stuff out of the ether which doesn’t seem to make much sense. I am tempted to think this one was a miss. Spent maybe 15 or 20 minutes trying to google up what I got to make any sense of it and I can’t seem to figure it out. Either it’s going to come to me in the coming week, or I’m going to end up trying again this coming Sunday.

I used the HGA Invocation and it’s too abridged. For one, Crowley in the Bornless Ritual actually builds the astral temple. The ritual I used I didn’t think needed to do it since I had done the elemental initiation years ago but I’m starting to think we’re going from brass tacks here. Specifically Crowley does not open with the LBRP or SS/SR. Why is that? The work is purely theurgic, so I could actually reframe the ritual with the LIRP/LIRH, or I could take the hint from Crowley and start the temple “from scratch” so to speak and let the HGA build it as needed. I think that was probably the intention.

I am interested in other peoples comments. I’ve read 21st Century Mage, it’s probably worth digging it out again.