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The HGA has passed out of the realm of fad magic into serious discussion magic. Never before have I seen so many people in one place have such differing opinions on what something is or how it works or who has done what. The Facebook group I’m having the discussions in is absolutely balls out about the topic.

I finally decided to share my experiences with both Polyphanes and Rufus, who are my two go-to guys for picking brains at the moment, especially when they suggest the topic. Part of it was the name itself, which is a riff on what I calculated from Agrippa. I’m of the opinion that anything which lands you in the ballpark is good, nothing is going to work for you without serious meditation and analysis of what you’ve got. OK so we have a name, which might be the name. Rufus is of the opinion that the HGA and the Daemons are all three and the same, while Polyphanes feels they are extremely separate but distinct spirits. Leitch, who I haven’t spoken to, feels they are very distinct spirits.

There’s an opportunity to reflect here on magical philosophy. I think Leitch puts things in separate and distinct spirits because he has “boxes of magic” and doesn’t see much overlap in traditions. This I think is sort of unfortunate because he wrote a brilliant article on the overlap between the goetia and voodoo. Rufus uses the same model I do, whereby the same spirit can have many names, but it’s fundamentally the same spirit. This model has worked in the past with me, and I think the strong argument to be made here from an empirical point of view is the Archangels are almost always the same no matter which tradition you’re using. The argument against this is “of course the Archangels are the same, the literate church of the middle ages stamped them on everything they could”. However there’s entire examples of lists of spirits which inhabit a place or purpose, so this model is workable to me in a magical and nonmagical way. This is not exclusive to Polyphanes opinion that his Natal Genius and his HGA are different but similar spirits whereby the HGA sticks with someone through their various incarnations and the Natal Genius is for this incarnation only.

My first sticky wicket then is reincarnation. I don’t buy it. I do buy into the idea of the return to God or the Akashic Record. I think when people are discussing past lives, they’re actually tuning into the vibe of someone who lived before them and had a very similar life in a very similar set of circumstances. For one, no-one ever lives out their entire past life, which makes the idea sort of moot. Everyone seems to relive just the end of it or one significant event. For two, the world population is growing. If there’s a finite amount of souls, then the implication is either a very John Dee “some people aren’t real” or people only have parts of souls. There’s a neat sidestep here where we can assume there’s multiple copies of that same soul inhabiting multiple bodies at once which would argue that time is nonlinear, but this also would make someone wonder why they aren’t having visions of “present but other” lives or even “future” lives. Frankly if there is an Akashic Record, the point is largely moot since it’s existence is contingent of the possession of all possible information at all times and it is accessible to the individual. With this line of reasoning, does it really matter? Would there be any difference between you and me? If there is no difference between us, we are all God together, and this is a very important idea in Occultism. When there is talk of crossing the abyss, it’s really a talk about retaining our individual identities or returning to the God. The trick to twist our noodle is that if God is all things, then we don’t lose our identity returning to God, because it is part of God. It is merely our own doubt that would keep us from crossing. We would ride the boat in the lake of the garden in Saturn, forever afraid to land.

I can accept Rufus’s idea – jiving the most with my own understanding of how spirits work and will use that as the model. The other part of the HGA chase I didn’t publish was I received two images. At first I thought it was the seal of the Angel, now I’m almost 100% convinced it’s not. The name of the Angel I believe to be correct since it definitely came as a lightning bolt from the sky, but the two images are trying to tell me something. I distinctly saw the alchemical sun, and what I wrote in my notes as “the head of a ram”. The sun symbol is more mental cruft from the Asatru days – my brain more readily produces the circle-with-a-cross (and has an aversion to the swastika) than the traditional circle-with-a-point. These symbols were produced separately in the vision. If we go with the sun as a wand notion, then the rams head becomes the uterus. This is screaming “Why didn’t you use the LIRP/LIRH forms?” Unfortunately, it’s because I didn’t think I should have been using invoking/banishing forms for this ritual, and made a Best Guess how to proceed looking at Crowleys other stuff.

Astute readers will notice that the circle-with-a-cross is used as Earth in some symbol sets. Picking Polyphanes brain about it, it’s hardly a unique meaning, which I believe gives me license to interpret it with my gut for the correct meaning within the possible definitions.

Tonight, the goal is to try to use the LIRP/LIRH with the name I was given to see if I can unite (invoke) the NG, or at least the HGA.