I was entirely stoked to try the HGA thing again having discussed it all day with various people. To add icing on the cake, my crystal I ordered from China (black) came in the mail, so I had a new crystal ball to hack on.

Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC.

Did the entire Liber Semekh, and substituted the received name for the end. Instead of “I am He”, I made it “I am [name]”. For the ending, I substituted the “heart girt with serpent” with the name.

After all this work I sat down. I didn’t quite hit the deep, deep meditation that I had yesterday but I was in a mystical enough state I thought it might be productive. I started into the crystal until I started to get the LSD precursor sort of effect where the crystal starts to hum and color itself. I then switched over to eyelid scrying. While I didn’t get any bolt out of the blue, I did get the sense of doors being opened. Windows being opened. Car windows rolling down. Convertible roofs opening. Storm cellars opening. While there was definitely a theme here, it didn’t produce any bolt from the blue name of the HGA I was hoping for. Also conspicuously missing here, if you read the other posts, I mention astral smells. I did not get the weird sweet smell people describe.