I decided to do two things – bring my laptop into the oratory with me (although refuse to use it until I felt the contact was “done”) and have a pipe while I talk to the spirits. I should buy a voice recorder or set it up on my cellphone, I felt like I had a huge discussion and can only hit the high points – the spirit was extremely conversational tonight. I grabbed my meerschaum churchwarden, and some “angel food cake” (which is Lane 1Q if I remember correctly) and try to evoke that way. In addition to that change, I added my NG name to the Kabalistic Cross. I still don’t have the seal or the name of the HGA, but it doesn’t bother me too badly right now.

Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, and then KC. For the second KC, I added “within me shines the six rayed star – and above me is [name]”. I did some four fold breath, and kept the pipe lit between breaths, which is actually sort of hard to do and requires a bit of a dance. The tobacco plus the incense was amazingly good.

I petitioned the NG to get the HGA, which it did, and I vibrated the tetragrammaton which appeared as a blazing star – extremely close. The HGA once again moved its wings to shield us, except a beam as though a connection of bright white light also connected it to Tzedek.

At some point, a face actually appeared in the ball. It was as though while I was looking into the ball, the Angel was looking back over the candle back at me. The effect was fairly intense since I recognized the face from previous scrying sessions. I went with it and rather travel to the spirits realm astrally, I just sort of pretended it was a Skype conversation with an old friend. Jupiter is cool like that.

We discussed quite a bit, but the high points were a prompt to place my wallet and various instruments of money (credit cards, bank cards) on the altar. The spirit would inspect and bless them. I was also reminded to complete the triangle woodworking project I put off. I was told putting the sepherot on the edge would be a good way to finish it.

At some point the spirit reminded me I was eligible for a bonus at work. I’m not sure this is actually true, but I asked how I could manifest it. I got a vision of a kamea with “bonus” written in the center, and the triangle symbols on the corners except the bottom left, which was to be Jupiters astrological symbol. I didn’t expect it so I grabbed a piece of paper and quickly took notes.

Things which we discussed – The Jupiter charm I made and stuffed into my wifes purse is having a positive effect. This isn’t Rufus’s design, this is something else I was prompted to make really quickly. It seems my Jupiter is sort of into adhoc riffs on charms, which is fine by me since I can make oodles of them. The spirit indicated it might be able to exceed expectations on the pay amount ($29/hr), which is good, even if they’re just paying travel expenses.

The spirit enjoyed the smoke and incense, and prompted me to try some. Weird as this sounds, I cupped my hands over the pipe and pulled through it. The effect was marginal, but it definitely improved the link. Note to self – investigate smoking a pinch of incense with the tobacco. Do not try this at home.

The spirit also reminded me that my wife being a student, we can take a living expenses allowance. I had forgotten about this, I’m not sure if it applies since we’re married or what but mental note to look into that too.

I inquired about what else I should be doing. My father in law is huge into the stock market and always picking my brain about the state of the technology industry. The spirit didn’t seem terribly impressed with this so I decided not to chase it down too hard. On the other hand, the spirit suggested I could buy and sell things I’m knowledgeable in, and had a few suggestions on combining 3D printing with various fix-it-up projects for resale. This is an intriguing idea, although it implies I have to get along with the 3D printer project. Also I need to investigate price points for all this stuff. It also reminded me I own a pile of books, some of which I like, some not so much. “Why keep them?” Good point. There’s a cash flow I hadn’t considered. Is the arts and crafts market good enough to float us? We’ll see.

Finally I reminded the spirit that I owed it a statue, if my wifes job actually covers enough bases I’m not living off ramen like I have been. I’ve been giving the good food to the kids and eating noodles in bulk. It hasn’t been healthy but it’s what makes ends meet. If she gets a really decent paycheck, I’m looking for suggestions to make a little minialtar to the spirit for daily devotionals or something. The spirit didn’t seem huge on the daily devotional ideas, but it is pleased at the statue idea and suggested the sigils I’m working on could live there.

Whew! I’ve got to get to work!