I wrote this forever ago but it’s worth a repost to this blog…

A lot of modern thinking as it relates to meditation is to sit somewhere and ohm until you reach a meditative state and can think about thinking about things.

I propose a new process: The Communion of Nestor Miranda.

The problem with thinking is the lower mind – the Monkey Mind (with apologies to Lon Milo DuQuette). The monkey mind sits there, chattering away. We mistake it for the actual mind. We think “My, I’m hungery” and we understand this thought comes from the highest level of consciousness. We form an idea in the abstract, hunger, and then we think about getting to the frige. We stand up, balance, walk over the kids gate, open the fridge, identify the colored container we use to code “week old cake” and decide we want cake.

We’ve done nothing important. The thought was purely from the monkey mind which overrules higher aspirations, we’ve raised it to our level and we pat ourselves on the back with the hand not holding the cake and think we’re solved a problem! We’ve done something!

I don’t advocate not eating, but maybe not cake. Not all the time anyway…

No, the trick to meditation is to satisfy the monkey mind so we can get some real thinking done.

How do I do it?

Have a cigar! The monkey mind will happily be satisfied with a token gesture, and sit quietly in the corner enjoying it’s treat. That’s when the real thinking can begin…

Now you know the secret of the Holy Communion of Nestor Miranda. Guard it well!