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Opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC. Did the evocation of the archangels last, I’ve been experimenting with this and it seems to work better.

Two things happened which seemed to be distinctly out of place – my wife was trying to talk to human spirits (family) and I distinctly heard knock-knock-knock from the bookshelves. This was not perceived by my wife. Also of note about half way through the evocation I heard an angelic name and the candle flame itself expanded to about two inches over the candle. The name was not heard by my wife. I attempted to vibrate the name or otherwise analyze it but nothing productive happened to that end. I’m going to have to research it and figure out what I come up with. I’m personally coming up on a week since starting the HGA thing, I suspect either I have (another) name for the NG or I have the HGA’s name and I need to start hacking on the ceremony.

Sol is a particularly nice spirit to work with since he seems to be able to suggest (and call up) all the other planetary spirits. I basically acted as scryer for my wife tonight since she had a pile of questions, some of which are OK to publish. The bulk of the material I’m going to be coy and not publish at her request. Things I’d like to gloss but are worth mentioning – sympathetic magical links seem to show up as golden fire for me and with her line of questions, this is important. Also I’m very quickly realizing I can operate for only maybe 45 minutes after getting ahold of the spirit. We were in the oratory for over an hour and once things got good, I could only really ride the flow for 45 minutes. This might improve over time, or it might actually be rate limited by the hour or similar.

In keeping with the format of the blog – the questions asked will be bolded, but this is my wife asking and me replying.

Do you know about [name]? “Yes”. He is in the hospital… A vision of a pickup truck in a car accident. [name] isn’t wearing his seatbelt. While he will recover, he’s taken quite a blow to the intestines and it’s causing his problems and also the subject of his surgery. When he says he has bowel problems, he’s not being entirely truthful about the car accident.

Do you know about [name] and his relationship problems? A vision of her and him, and this is one of the few times I’ve ‘heard’ something where they were only together one year and she’s starting to look around and he suddenly proposes. The normal red-jolly-rancher link isn’t there. In fact, nothing is there. Neither one of them seem personally invested in the other person, which sucks. But it’s pretty clearly a relationship of status quo at best. I did sort of get syllables of a name which I passed onto my wife to have her ask about. We were going to tarot, but she wanted to ask first.

Now for some background to the next question – back when I was working with the goetia, my wife was convinced the house was haunted. This was one of the reasons why I almost swore off magic and generally gave up the goetia, the sideshow tended to persist even after magical operations and took awhile to peter out. She interpreted it as a strict haunting. To everyone who knows about the work previous, yes, I did it in my house and you can all post “I told you so” and give me one lashing. Just one. I was warned to do it outside and, being the fool that I am, said “What could possibly go wrong?” I attribute the weird residual stuff to the goetia. Although I also am firmly convinced we have a ghost-cat, which my brother (less psychic than me if that’s possible) has also witnessed. Anyway, long story short, she finally invited these people out and while I personally am against it since I assume all responsibility for the evocations and general interaction with the spirits, they still want to come out.

Will they get anything on tape? All the spirits present (Sol, Bast, familial spirits) indicated a no.

What could we do to [get the spirits on tape]? The familial spirits indicated they were present when invited, which jives with the domsupper we try to have every year. The spirits in the woods (landwights or something…) indicated we have to leave the gate open. There’s a lot of spirits in the woods, but they tend to stay off the property. I only recently realized this. I really quickly tried to glance towards the garden spot and I briefly saw astral fireflies, but I’m not sure what these were and my wife asked another question before I could interrogate them. (As a personal speculation – and to totally fluff out the blog – faeries?) Suddenly I also saw a vision of someone placing their K2 meter (the engineer in me is praying for death) in front of our fireplace. The suggestion was to ask the ghost hunting team if they wanted to use their instrumentation in a formal setting and for one of these operations. I will let my wife posit that question.

I apologize if this entry seems like it skipped around a lot, my wife was trying to chase down several threads. I do intend on chasing down the new name I was given to see if it has any precedent at all as an Angel or what. Also I took my minerval to the OTO, so I have a pile of reading to do. I can see why Crowley advocated an adoration of the sun daily, but I suspect it glossed over the more subtle points of planetary magic to do so.