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This actually happened on Sunday. My wife posted it to the Occult Forum we hang out in on Facebook and it garnered enough amusement I figured it should be a post.

This is one of these times the occult axioms come back and show us all how true they are. My particular axiom here is “Don’t do magic unless you can’t change something by yourself”. It ultimately acknowledges that if you can change something in your mundane life, you should. Without magic. And when the magic becomes such a part of your life that you don’t realizing you’re magicking for a fix, then you’ve accomplished that the great work and will ascend directly into heaven where you will be presented with all new problems you can’t solve without new handy axioms!

I kid.

Our cat (Tricks McWhiskers, or Tricks) is a rescue cat. He was delivered with six other cats to the local SPCA in the plastic garbage bag someone found them in and all of them were adopted as cute calicoes except for the all black cat with the piercing gaze. Tricks is really friendly to me and my wife, he ignores our son and daughter, and if you’re a guest your best bet is to leave him alone. He makes himself scarce, but he’s not above giving it to our guests when they reach under the sofa to try to retrieve him. Being strong believers in the 2nd amendment, I couldn’t stand to see him declawed, which is fine anyway since he’s a half outdoors cat. He usually goes outside for half a day, then comes in, hangs out with us, and then sleeps on the foot of the bed. He’s a pretty good mouser, and keeps the mice out of the woodpile which makes it easier to grab wood for the woodstove without worrying too much about tossing frozen mice into the flames.

Recently, he’s also decided to pee on the door.

My wife and I have purchased literally hundreds of gallons of cat behavior modification product. None of it worked. We even tried natural stuff, stuff we found on the internet, locking the cat up when he didn’t want to go outside, and even putting boxes in front of the marking spot. We got nothing.

“But Phergoph! I thought this was a magic blog?”

That hits the nail on the head. When we can’t change something ourselves, that’s when we use magic. This was fairly stressful for my wife. We originally had two cats, and we had to surrender the one cat because it actively would find, bite, scratch, and pee on our daughter. My wife was really chafe about it, and I don’t really like to do magic without the potential for some message about the lives we live. I think the message here was sometimes we should do magic just to do magic.

I was talking to Sol about what we should do here. My wife was really pulling to create an egregore to follow the cat around, but not having piles of experience in the area and more importantly worried the egregore might try to get the cats blood or something else equally weird, I thought it best to consult our unseen friends. Weirdly enough instead of seeing some solution to the problem or having Sol volunteer to chase the cat around, I got this image of my wifes Bast statue. We really had to dig deep for the thing, it turned out it was in the closet of the oratory, so we didn’t have to go far once we tore the place apart. We settled back down and put the Bast statue on the altar. The cat appeared in the temple, along with the spirit of Sol, and the familial spirits. My wife petitioned Bast to reprimand the cat when it didn’t pee in the litterbox, and I got the vision of Tricks being chased around by a black vortexy thing.

The cat normally goes off and prowls the house at night (we don’t let him out since we live in a heavily wooded area and the foxes and coyotes have been known to eat the local pet population) but that night he spent the entire night on the foot of the bed. I don’t think he left it once. My wife briefly reported a low black shape walking around the bed, which she attributed to the ghost cat, but Tricks wouldn’t leave. It was pretty neat. We’ll see if this actually continues as a magical success or if he’s gotten used to his new friend.