I couldn’t wait to try out my triangle. Good lord what do small differences in ritual make. I started out pointing the sun at my candle, but I was told to put the candle on the glyph of the sun so I did. I ran the incense thick and heavy – mostly because the woodstain smelled like mineral spirits.

On the train ride home I had an unbidden thought come up while thinking about the name I was given at the general state of life. When I was in college, I made ends meet from my internship by modifying the (then new) playstation 1 system. My brother really wanted it, so I offered to do his for free. I had done literally a hundred of these at $100 a pop and for whatever reason I screwed his up. I didn’t realize how much he saved up until he literally came to me in tears over the fact that I killed his playstation. It was a weird fit from him, but eventually I took pity on him and bought him another one after a month of begging and saying it wasn’t my fault. It was my fault, but I wouldn’t admit to it. Had I admitted to it, I could have saved the universe a month of pain and fighting from my family.

I think the HGA is actually a sin eater. At least, it is for this portion of the work.

I am running low on sun incense, but my wife just bought some nag champa incense. I decided to use that, and what little sun incense I had left. For whatever reason the entire ritual smelled divine, and now that I’m typing it up I can smell the mineral spirits again. I opened by KC, LIRP, LIRH, KC.

Scrying into the crystal, I saw a galaxy as seen from the rim. The sun was in the middle of it, but stars, everywhere on both sides of the crystal. It was awesome. Eventually I also realized this was Maat – the winged disk. Also equally awesome, it occasionally fluttered it’s wings.

“Why are you using the goetia?” Ah damn, in real life I try to speak my mind and be direct as much as possible and my HGA is the same. Well, my wife wants knowledge to help her pass math and physics. 

“Fine, but you know what they’re like.” Yes, and I had a perfectly functional relationship with Agares before. I realize they get stuff done in the worst way possible but I also realize as far as knowing is concerned they excel.

“They don’t know, they tempt“. Fine, the HGA’s objection is noted. However unlike hitting a deer after asking for a new car (true story), blowing a transmission after asking for a new car (true story), getting sideswiped by streetracers in traffic after asking for a new car (true story), having my mirror knocked off in a parking garage after asking for a new car (true story), and threatening to give up things with wheels and circles in general after asking for a new car (true story), I can’t imagine how teaching my wife math and physics could possibly go wrong. So who would I ask otherwise? 

“The divine physician”. I thought he was talking about an archangel, but a google suggests the HGA is talking about Christ himself. Note to self though, try to get a better relationship with Rapheal, since I suspect Christ is a bit of a reach. Is it doable? Probably, is Christ likely to show up in my triangle? I doubt it. To do so would simultaneously conjure God himself and be an act of necromancy, neither one of which I am particularly keen on.

Do you like the triangle? “It is excellent”. On this question, the smoke stopped rising from the incense and actually dropped to surround the crystal ball. I’ve seen this a few times to indicate spirits are present.

Will it be good for my practice? “It is so.” (Angels, lol).

How about you help with the goetia? “I will advice you in the presence of the spirit.” At least that seems reasonable. I envisioned the LBRP being done by the HGA spirit. I took note. To deprive the goetia of the physical realm is probably a good idea, at least from a physical safety perspective. I’m not ruling out the idea that we won’t be in for a morally ambiguous ride, however. This would also be a really good place to consider Enochia. How did we get here? Oh, the HGA reacting to my wife.

Is my wife going to attempt to contact these spirits without us? “She already concentrates on the names….” Uh oh. Time to go talk to the wife about safe hex….